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Need Spying Apps on a Budget? Here are 3 Under ৳ 770

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The South Asian region has seen a lot of growth in terms of technology with advanced apps becoming the new norm. The population has adopted technology into their lives easily due to the benefits it provides. And a burgeoning part of these apps allows users to remotely spy on any smartphone activities.

However, these apps seldom have the negative and unethical connotations that were once attached to them. While governmental and institutional versions remain hidden from the general populace, consumer alternatives have climbed onto the mainstream stage. And as we’ll see, they aren’t too far behind in terms of general usability and feature parity either.

Why Bangladesh is Brimming with Spy Apps?

Bangladesh has been making the news rounds recently due to its involvement with a spying equipment manufacturer. Investigative journalists working for Al Jazeera gathered evidence through statements and documents that showed the Bangladeshi army bought mass spying equipment in 2018.

The army used a middleman based out of Bangkok and Bangladeshi intelligence officers were trained by intelligence professionals in Hungary.

The contract obtained by Al Jazeera stipulates that both parties to the sale sign a non-disclosure agreement. It also lists Hungary as the country of origin for the equipment, despite secret recordings obtained by Al Jazeera of the middleman.

Ever since this news got out, commercial spy app vendors began flooding the country with their products, offering special localized deals which were cheaper than their original price.

What are Spying Apps?

Spying apps are a relatively new software technology that can extract data from phones for various reasons. Parents can use them to safeguard their kids from social media and internet addiction while businesses can use them to enhance their employees’ productivity and protect them from malware and viruses.

Thus spying apps are useful because they offer a variety of features that can help keep children and employees safe in a variety of situations.

The widespread use of cell phones as a constant source of distraction also contributes to cellphone addiction, which parents are concerned about since it can be dangerous. Spying apps make it easier to monitor employees and children and ensure that they do not forget their responsibilities due to constant mobile phone use.

Another significant benefit of spy apps is that they enable parents to track their children’s movements in real time. Young adolescents, in particular, frequently break the rules and prefer to explore new places on their own. It is risky because they could be mugged, harassed, or even physically harmed.

Spy apps can also help to keep children’s social media use safe by allowing parents to see who their children communicate with and what kind of content they access. They are also simple to install and use, requiring no technical knowledge.

And employees who are susceptible to frequent hacks can be kept safe by using spy apps as they allow employers to monitor email accounts and text messages. Businesses can protect their data as they can ensure employees don’t accidentally click on links that contain malware or viruses.

Now that we have discussed what spy apps are, let’s check the top three spy apps popular in Bangladesh.


XNSPY can record phone screens, track location, and view a device’s web history, making it a versatile option to spy on any smartphone activities. It is capable of monitoring popular social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It safeguards users against phishing scams, malware, and online harassment, among other threats while it continues to operate in stealth mode.

It can be used to protect employees and children from social media scams since XNSPY operates in the background, and app users can protect employees and kids without directly interfering with their normal device usage.

Even businesses will be less vulnerable to malware and ransomware threats because the IT department can monitor employees’ web history remotely at any time using the Internet History feature found under Phone Logs. Children can also be protected from cyberbullying, internet harassment, and stalking which is common on the Internet via this feature.

Once the Xnspy file is installed on the phone’s operating system, the app hides from view and fools the operating system into thinking it’s a system native file. This allows the app to freely extract useful data such as text, GPS data, internet data, call recordings, and multimedia files like photos and videos.

This saved information is then processed, compiled, and transmitted to the XNSPY servers. On the servers, the data is compressed and processed, and sent from the servers back to the monitoring party’s dashboard in the background while the phone is turned on. Once that happens, the app wipes the data from the phone’s internal memory, leaving no traces.

XNSPY subscribers can quickly view their social media conversations and analyze screenshots taken from various messaging apps using XNSPY’s Screen Record feature and instant messenger chat reader. The Screen Record feature displays social media chats and social media app usage in the form of screenshots whereas the instant message chat reader shows texts of chats along with the time and name of the participant.

This provides parents and businesses with additional security and protection. Because many monitoring systems and spy apps lack this capability, XNSPY stands out. During my testing, I had no problems installing the app or using its monitoring features. The screenshots were as clear as day and showed all messages sent and received via popular social media apps which is one of the pros of using the app.

One of the cons of the apps is that the web history section doesn’t allow users to block web addresses or URLs of their choice but to make up for this XNSPY does allow users to block any app installed on the target device that is to be monitored.

If you select yearly billing, XNSPY costs ৳ 760 per month. By buying a quarterly subscription, the package costs ৳ 2027 per month while XNSPY costs ৳ 3650 by paying for each month individually.

02. FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY is a one-of-a-kind app for remotely tracking cell phone activities because it allows users to monitor data on both phones and computers. FlexiSpy is one of the most customizable monitoring apps on the market, with a wide range of monitoring options and settings tailored to users’ specific needs.

The app also automatically updates whenever an instant messaging patch is released. It allows it to track all popular instant messengers such as Yahoo, Tinder, iMessage, and Skype in real time. However, ambient recording is by far its most popular feature.

The ambient recording features of the app allow users to record the phone’s environment and listen to it later. Users can start recording immediately or schedule it for a later time, and the audio recordings will be automatically uploaded to their online user portal for easy listening.

And users who are more of a visual nature would want some visual evidence of the activities that get recorded on the target device. Here, the keylogger function proves quite useful because the app automatically extracts all typed keystrokes at runtime and presents them to the app user on their web account.

The user interface is highly interactive, with each monitoring feature clearly labeled, and notifications that are prompt and simple to configure. FlexiSPY focuses on keeping things simple and accessible to users who have no idea what a spy app is or what it does.

The notification system is one of the pros of using the app as when a specific event occurs, FlexiSPY sends an instant notification to the app user. For example, when the phone user enters specific keywords, you receive a notification via email or SMS.

The keyword is defined by parameters such as drug use, sex, profanity, and other illicit behavior. It makes it easy to thin out unnecessary content from the material that matters most to you.

But the app’s membership model limits all of these capabilities and possibilities, which is the biggest con of this spy app. FlexiSPY comes in two flavors: Premium and Extreme. Premium includes basic monitoring features such as a call log.

Premium includes basic monitoring features such as call log viewing and text monitoring, while Extreme adds advanced options such as social media monitoring, web history monitoring, and ambient sound recording.

However, because both versions are so expensive, it is not suitable for the average user. A 12-month FlexiSPY subscription costs ৳ 35,376.

03. uMobix

uMobix is not a new spy app, but it has recently gained a lot of traction in Bangladesh due to its unique pricing plan. When users need to spy on multiple devices at once, the uMobix app is an excellent choice. Normally, a new subscription would have to be purchased for each device, but depending on the subscription plan you choose, uMobix allows users to track multiple devices at the same time.

However, because it can track multiple devices at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of every device due to the user’s account becoming overloaded with data from all sources.

It is a dependable option because it communicates with the device’s native operating system and can resume monitoring when the internet is restored. It allows uMobix to execute features like a keylogger, social media tracker, location monitoring, and web history monitoring.

The web history monitoring function allows users to track device owners’ internet activities to ensure they are not visiting adult websites or viewing offensive or graphic content. Even non-techies can use the feature since it does not require rooting the device, which is a huge benefit. The app subscriber can learn vital internet history patterns such as their most recent searches.

You can also find out how frequently the device user visits each website even if the web history is deleted on their device, though dates are not provided. This is because the data is stored remotely on secure uMobix servers even if it gets deleted from the main source. This is the biggest pro of using uMobix.

As I mentioned earlier users can view the location history logs in addition to the target device’s real-time location to determine the precise location of the target device at any time in the past using the location tracker but they cannot get alerts based on if they enter or exit a particular area.

It is known as geofencing and isn’t available on uMobix which is the app’s biggest con in my opinion since it is found on XNSPY. Monthly subscription to uMobix costs ৳ 5068. The monthly cost of the three-month bundle is ৳ 2838, while the annual subscription of uMobix will cost ৳ 1181 a month.

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Parting Words

With spying apps on the rise in Bangladesh, one can expect the choices to increase in the consumer market as more companies make their apps available to the region. For now, Xnspy seems like the most likely to be on most phones.

Judging by their convenience too, it is no surprise why capitalizing on such offers and low prices may just be the most tempting offer for a utilitarian app.

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