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Buying Guide a Good Smart Phone 

Guide a Good Smart Phone

Mobile phone information technology and communication technology together have brought great changes in our social life. The technology used in mobile and the Internet has become a major driving force in the development of information and communication technology. Mobile has made it possible to work with high-coverage communication networks, high-speed wireless networks. As a result, it has become a popular way of life and work. It has been helping to reduce the digital divide and ensure the delivery of universal services to the people. Helps to integrate information and communication technology and inspire the formation of knowledgeable society. The technologies used to facilitate the above tasks are: –

Operating System

Many types of operating systems (OS) have been used in Android mobile phones. Currently the latest version of the mobile operating system Android was Android 12 beta which later used the operating system iPhone-13 up to iOS 15, iOS 15.5 and it is planned to upgrade to iOS 16. Other smartphones are also using operating systems like BlackBerry OS, webOS, iOS, Symbian, and Bada. The most popular and powerful operating system is the Apple iPhone.

Fast speed internet

At present 4G and 5G networks are being used in other smartphones with faster networks. All of these network technologies work almost 100 times faster than any previous network. 4G or 5G networks play a special role in speeding up any online activity.

Phone Update

Due to the advent of the 5G network in smartphones, there are specific requirements for the devices used in phones. If a mobile phone is to use a 5G network, the processor needs to be adapted to support 5G baseband and ultra-high frequency band support. As a result, the smartphone 5G network will work smoothly.

The Future of Smartphones

The idea is that the next generation of smartphones will be context-conscious embedded physical sensors and the increasing availability of data exchange skills. All new applications will be released with newer phones, including an X-ray device that reveals information about where the phone is located.

Mobile Phone Prices

The price of a mobile phone depends on the processor, operating system, chipset, display, RAM, storage of the phone, etc. Before buying a phone, you must choose the phone according to your needs and work. A good quality technology phone will cost around  30,000 taka.


Almost all smartphone companies have good quality cameras. Nowadays, everyone loves to take pictures or make videos on social media. Almost all the pictures taken during this time are given on social media.


Before buying a phone, you should look at the design. Because if you don’t like the design then you don’t want to use it for as long as it is a good phone. You should buy the phone of your choice.


RAM is a very important thing in the case of smartphones. You can’t put a lot of load on phones with low RAM. If you install more apps and keep many apps running at the same time, the phone will not work properly. So it is necessary to take a phone with a minimum of 4 GB RAM. And if you have a habit of playing games, you should take more. However, the current phones have 2 GB of RAM.


You need to know the phone store before buying the phone. Because the more space there is in the ROM, the more you can keep different files. Which will help you a lot. So before buying a phone, you need to know if there is space in the storage.


A part of the mobile display is a good way to see the outside. At present there are many big display rich phones available in the market. However, in general, the display of the phone is better if it is 5-6 inches. The bigger the display, the more problems the phone will have to travel. You need to buy a phone that has a Super AMOLED display.


Battery is one of the other hardware of the phone. If the battery of the phone is less then the charge will be much less. If you have a low charge on your smartphone, then you have to face many problems while playing games, browsing the web, Facebooking or talking. You will be annoyed when you charge again and again. So you have to buy a phone that has a minimum 5000 mAh battery.

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Fast charging

Due to the high load on the smartphone, the charge ends very quickly. That’s when the charge needs to be paid. If it took a long time to charge, we wouldn’t be able to do much. So it is necessary to buy a phone that charges quickly. How fast the phone will charge depends on the hardware and software of the phone.

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