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5 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android (youtubetomp3)

5 Best Youtube Video download Apps for Android

YouTube doesn’t allow us to download its copyrighted videos. If you do any such thing, YouTube authorities can take legal charges against you. But YouTube allows us to download some of its videos and then use some third-party apps to facilitate offline viewing on Android phones although these are against the policy. YouTube’s terms and services state that its users should not download their videos unless the video has a download link. However, there are some apps to download YouTube videos. So if you want to download YouTube videos, we are discussing some of the best youtube-video-downloader for Android

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5 Best Youtube Video download Apps for Android 2022

Here we discuss some best youtube downloader apps for android such as

01. VidMate

Vidmate: is the most trusted and popular video downloader for Android devices. The download speed of this app is very high. Through this app, you can directly download different types of videos like TV shows, movies, songs, etc. Also, you can search for the desired video and download it by going to the search bar of this app. This app has a built-in video and music player. This app gives you an encrypted space that helps to create so you can hide your downloaded videos.

VidMate UI Image

Follow the steps below to download YouTube videos using this app on your Android phone:

  1. First, you need to download and install the VidMate app from the Google Play Store
  2. Then when the app opens, search for the video which you want to download
  3. After searching, you will find your desired video, click on the red download button
  4. Then choose the quality of the video resolution then click on the resolution you want then finally click on the download button and the download will start immediately.

02. TubeMate

TubeMate is another popular Android apps. This app offers you to download YouTube videos. This app is very easy to use. With the help of this app, you can access not only YouTube videos, but also many other things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

When you download videos from this app, the video is automatically saved in the internal storage. These apps are usually not available in the google play store to download these apps you have to go to any website and search by writing tubeMate apk for android and then download. After opening the apps you can search any video you want and then download it. You can check the desired resolution of your video before downloading it. With this app you can download only mp4 or mp3.

TubeMate UI Image

How to use these apps and how to download YouTube videos are discussed below:

  1. First of all open the Tubemate app and go to the video-sharing site
  2. Then search any video of your choice by going to the search bar and selecting the quality and resolution of the video
  3. Once you get your desired resolution, click on the video download button and the download will start

03. InsTube

Instube Apps is a widely used and very popular video downloader for Android phones. These apps offer you to select different qualities before downloading YouTube videos. It helps to create a secret place on the device where you can hide your videos. Using this app you can add bookmark videos, following are the steps to use this app on an android phone:


  1. First of all, open the InsTube app and go to any website you want
  2. Then search for the video you want to download and click on your desired video
  3. After clicking you will see the red download button click here and check the resolution of the video.
  4. Finally, click fast download and then the video will be started downloading.

04. Videoder

Videoder is one of the best and most popular YouTube video downloader apps for Android devices. Using this app you can not only download YouTube videos you can also download as well as Instagram and Facebook videos. This app is not available in the google play store. To download it you have to go to this website With this app, you will get the facility of streaming and downloading videos in any format. Below are the steps to launch this app:


  1. Firstly open the app and open YouTube.
  2. Find the video you want to download by going to the search bar.
  3. Then click on the download button and select the download link that pops up
  4. Then choose your preferred format of the video and start downloading by clicking the download button.

05. KeepVid

KeepVid is a very popular Android app. It offers to download videos from YouTube and other sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. faster than any other app! This app lets you download videos up to 4k resolution! This app also allows you to download videos in Mp3 format without any third-party plug-in.

KeepVid UI Image

Follow the steps below to download YouTube videos using this app:

  1. Firstly open the KeepVid app and open YouTube in it.
  2. Then find the video you want to download
  3. When you get your desired video, select the resolution and press the download button.

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are many other apps to download YouTube videos but these are very popular and easy-to-use android apps.


All the Youtube downloader’s apps are reviewed above and we try to say you do a good job when it comes to downloading Youtube videos. We also say you that some of the apps have created better value when compared to others. But the above apps like VIdmate, and TubeMate, are so popular and very easy to download a video.

In the end, we like to say that offline view all the apps are the best for downloading videos from youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. All the youtube video downloaders on your Android phones can download videos from youtube without any fee. Above mentioned youtube video downloader is excellent and very fast and most people trusted these Android apps.

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