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How To Download Third-Party Apps Safely

Download Third-Party Apps Safely

Basically, there are so many applications that can be installed on Android and iOS devices. However, there are several applications whose functions are very useful. However, they are not in any official App Store or Google Play Store, so you have to download them manually on certain websites.

Unfortunately, that’s the same as installing third-party applications that have not been fully reviewed by Google. That is, there is always the possibility that the application contains a virus or other harmful things because it has not been verified.

Besides that, there are at least some other reasons why you shouldn’t install third-party applications carelessly. Is it true that these third-party applications can be very dangerous in the long run?

Understanding The Risks

1 – Vulnerable to Malware

Quoting the official AVG page, unofficial or third-party applications that are not from major developers have the potential to be infiltrated by malware, spyware, trojans, and phishing.

This malware allows hackers to take control of your device and can provide access to phone and email contacts, locations, photos, passwords, and financial accounts without your knowledge.

According to a Kaspersky Lab report, the trend of malware threats on mobile devices continues to increase. For this reason, pay close attention when choosing an application and download it only from official app stores to prevent your device from being infected with malware and avoid data theft.

2 – Network Threats

Third-party mobile applications often compromise network security and user data. Usually, the threat that occurs is in the form of theft and accessing the targeted network.

Application users will be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle or MiTM attacks, which is the term used when hackers position themselves between two parties’ conversations.

For example, you send data to other people, while hackers can get data when the sending or transmission process takes place.

In addition, hackers can also cause chaos and congestion in the network environment, which allows them to carry out attacks without being detected.

Thus, it’s always necessary to secure your device with enough protection. And, it’s actually not hard to do so. You can always keep connection secured with cheapest monthly vpns. Although there’s a price to pay, the amount of safety and security you’ll get is always worth it.

3 – Slow smartphones

Third-party applications that carry viruses or malware are not only at risk of stealing data but can also attack your smartphone’s operating system slowly before finally it becomes slow and uncomfortable to use.

4 – Cyber ​​Attacks

The next danger of installing applications from third parties is cyber attacks. Such attacks typically involve exploiting mobile data and applications with insecure API access.

5 – Unwanted Ads and Applications Appear

Downloading third-party applications outside of the official app store can cause an attack of advertisements and other applications on your mobile device, thus making its use annoying and inconvenient.

If you experience this, immediately uninstall the application that you suspect so that your smartphone does not appear with strange applications or unwanted pop-up ads.

How to Download Third-Party Apps

You know, Android and iPhone don’t usually allow users to install from unknown sources. When you try it, the phone will show a notification of installation restriction. So, unless you deactivate the security functions, you can never install these apps.

But it’s actually a simple thing. All you need is to adjust some settings in the security; then, you can install any apps from any website (although it’s highly risky).

As usual, users have to give installation permission before being able to install anything from outside sources. You can do this by opening Settings and then navigating to the app access option. There should be an option to allow installation from third-party sources.

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Another way to do this is by deactivating the security function through the fingerprint option tab, which you can find in Settings.

You can do this by accessing Settings and then looking for the Security and Fingerprint option. From there, you can disable the security feature for a while to install an app from third-party websites. If your phone doesn’t have a fingerprint, then simply look for the Security option.

Now, you can check the option to allow installation from outside sources, basically anything that’s outside the official Stores. Right after that, try to install any APK you just downloaded. If the installation goes smoothly, then there should be no problem in the future. Just make sure that the APK is legit and not a kind of scam or suspicious app.

Actually, before the installation, you can check the legitimacy of the app by scanning it with the antivirus program. We know that the steps might be a bit tedious, but it’s always worth knowing what’s ahead before you take any possible steps.

There are also some things that you have to know before you install something on your device, such as:

Before You Install Know These Things

1 – Know What Kind of App You Want

The first thing you should know before installing anything is to ensure that the app is suitable for what you need. Look for a certain app that will fit you well.

The thing is, people often look at third-party websites to find the apps that they couldn’t access on PlayStore. If they want a Pro version of a certain app without paying anything, these places are the goals.

However, please note that doing such a thing is actually illegal. So, make sure to know all the risks and potential problems before installing anything.

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2 – Make Sure The Website Is Legit

Today, we can find lots of malicious websites, and they keep multiplying. So, even before downloading anything or inputting any credentials (which is definitely a red flag), make sure to know that the website is actually legit.

You can try a search for it on the internet and see what people say about that particular website. If you find any scam indications coming out from it, then avoid it as soon as possible.

3 – Consider Looking for The Alternatives

Consider finding alternatives beforehand if you need a certain app that should be obtained from third-party websites.

If you couldn’t find app A, then there should be an app B, C, or any others. Quite certainly, there’s no app that works originally. There have to be alternatives for everything, so find them before you try to approach third-party websites.

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