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Guide to selecting a brand-able domain name

selecting a brand-able domain name Official Image

Domain names should represent the business and the goal of the website. But along with this, it should be a branding name. In the beginning, small businesses are not well known but later on, when their popularity increases, the significance of the branding domain is realized. Therefore, it is good to choose a suitable branding domain registration at the beginning.

Now you might be thinking about how to select it. No matter what the situation is, we are here to guide you in this regard. Here are some tips that you can adopt to find a suitable branding domain name.

1. Suitable extension

Domain extension also makes a domain name look brandy. Therefore, going with the .com domain is a good choice. However, if your business is limited to a specific country and you will never plan to target international clients then going with country-based domain extensions also works. For instance, the company that dry cleans the clothes at a local location can go with a local domain extension. The choice of extension merely depends upon the company’s goals.

2. Unique names

Avoid choosing names that are similar to other commonly known brands. Such as going with Foogle (a copy of Google) will be a bad choice. Therefore, it is good to pick unique names that are brandy and attractive. In addition, unique and easy names are easy to memorize thus enabling your clients to remember your business.

3. Concise and easy

The domain name should be short, easy to spell, correctly spelled, and easy to type and pronounce. Such names can become a brand because people can easily type and reach your site. Going with difficult spellings and long domains might confuse the visitors to search your brand thus resulting in a wrong or competitors site leading to client loss.

4. Keyword research

Some bloggers think that keyword research is an old technique while others still consider it. You can use a keyword in your domain name that represents your business as well as has a high search volume. It will help you get huge traffic to your website. However, uniqueness is important to make it a brand.

5. Things to avoid

Some things that you must avoid in your domain name to make it brandy. The domain name should not include a hyphen, extra letters, numbers, characters, and other symbols that make it difficult to type and remember. For example, is a difficult domain name and usually, people will type “mrdrycleaners” and will surely land on another website.

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The domain name should be unique, short, attractive, and easy to pronounce, type, and remember. It must be correctly spelled and having a high-volume keyword can make it brandy. Going with a .com extension helps to the extent of the business and makes it an international brand. Avoid using domains similar to other well-known brands because it will look like a copy and people will dislike it. Register with a reputable domain registration in Pakistan to start on the right track. We hope these tips and tricks will help you select a brandy domain name. Thanks for reading!

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