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Best way to remove Vocals from a track in 2022: Wondershare UniConverter Video Converter

remove Vocals from a track Official Image

Do you want a vocals removal solution to create karaoke records to hone your instrument-playing skills? Have you ever desired a straightforward method to remove vocals audacity and music tracks because you enjoy the music but not the words or the opposite?

The tool we’re talking about beats another app to remove vocals, Wondershare UniConverter, which is easy to use and has a set of features to take the spot on your computer desktop when you want to remove vocals from any track. If you think this requires some fancy and expensive Hollywood-level audio editing software, think again. Are you curious about the vocals remover tool we are referring to: Let’s find out by reading the entire article?

Vocal Remover and How Does it Work?

The music industry has significantly transformed in the last few years thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Today, music is only made from scratch, and music listeners merely appreciate the more complex recommendation algorithms used by music streaming services. However, there is a less-discussed alternative in music that you may achieve with the aid of artificial intelligence: remove vocals from a song. Why has this solution gained such traction recently?

For various reasons, including the following, removing vocals may be pretty advantageous for those who create music:

  • The production of song karaoke renditions;
  • Production of original song versions and covers;
  • Practice not getting distracted by voices while playing the instrument;
  • Generating samples

It is challenging to keep up with all the advancements brought about by scientific and technical advancements in the modern era of information technology. Sometimes you have to look through half of the Internet to figure out how specific software works.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare’s solution to the needs of experts and regular customers for video converting is UniConverter. While concealing excellent features to enable some mind-blowing experiences for its consumers, Wondershare video converter offers simplicity and ease of use.

You can get everything with Wondershare UniConverter, including compressing recorded movies, editing, and converting videos. The software is called “your entire video toolbox,” allowing you to carry out video-related jobs with only a few clicks.

And as of version 14, the moniker “UniConverter” takes on an entirely new meaning by providing a unique converter experience that includes video and audio.

Download Wondershare Uniconverter to your computer or another device to use its exceptional functionality.

How to Use Wondershare UniConverter to Remove Vocals?

Artificial intelligence is used in the expertly created user interface of the AI audio function tool to deliver a result for the user. The output result is stimulated in seconds while the original quality is kept.

Follow the simple steps below to remove vocals from the music using Wondershare UniConverter’s free vocal removal feature:

Step 1: Add Song:
The UniConverter must first be installed on your computer before accessing its primary interface by selecting Tools from the home screen and navigating to the AI Audio Lab section. To remove the vocals from an audio or video file, click the Add File option and choose the file you wish to add.

Intarnal Image

Step 2: Utilizing the AI process:
The AI feature of UniConverter’s Vocal Remover will instantaneously and automatically separate the voice or sound from the audio file after the file has been uploaded.

AI process Official Image

Step 3: Preview and Export:
You can store vocals and instrumentals together on your system if you press the Export button next to the instrumentals file for the audio file without vocals.

Export Official Image

Why is Wondershare UniConverter the best Choice?

By using a single platform, UniConverter is intended to assist organizations in streamlining the procedures involved in video editing, convert video, and compression. Using the program, staff members may instantly apply personalized filters, effects, and subtitles to movies.

Wondershare Professionals may modify the bitrate and resolution of videos with UniConverter to suit their needs. Users may add or remove watermarks from videos, and record, combine, and download videos. Pricing is offered as a perpetual license and monthly or yearly subscription. Support is provided online and via phone, email, and other means.

Other Functions of Wondershare UniConverter:

Many excellent capabilities, including video conversion, audio conversion, virtual reality (VR) conversion, image conversion, video downloader, video editor, DVD/CD burning, screen recording, file transfer, and more, are available in Wondershare UniConverter video converter. Wondershare UniConverter is a straightforward and fashionable user interface for efficient and all-encompassing purposes.

1. Video to Any Format Conversion:

Wondershare UniConverter is a complete GPU-accelerated video converter that can convert any media file or memory. It offers quality-preserving 4K to 8K transcoding. With 30X High-speed conversion, you can quickly convert movies from iPhone/iPad/Android/iOS devices, gaming consoles, and social networks to over 1000 formats.

The input and editing options are controlled through the menu on the left. You may edit the output format and delete a file from the list on the right.

2. Video Compression with Adjustable Settings:

Now that you can use the program to compress your data, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space. You may resize and compress the video files using UniConverter’s video compression tool. Choose file settings, examine a preview, and alter the output format of one or more files in high quality. For device playback, compress your movies to the proper size and quality.

3. A Good Recorder with Many Options:

Screen, audio, and webcam recording are all supported by the recently launched Wondershare UniConverter. Your recording can be stopped and picked up at any time. You may make further adjustments and modifications after you’ve finished filming, like editing, cropping, adding watermarks, inserting subtitles, and more.


In Wondershare UniConverter’s comprehensive toolset, you’ll discover more potent capabilities and take advantage of greater ease in your daily video activities. The new function The AI-powered Vocal Remover feature of UniConverter is a tool for eliminating or extracting vocals and instruments from songs.

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Users may quickly obtain voices and karaoke (instrumental tracks) with UniConverter’s Vocal Remover for various reasons. And right now, using it is free. You are now welcome to take advantage of the software’s features i.e. remove vocals and quality to your advantage. Windows, Mac, and online versions are supported.

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