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10Cric’s mobile app is becoming more popular, but some people don’t want to use it

10Cric’s mobile app

Operators focus their efforts on several aspects and the iGaming apps is among them. Many companies will put a lot of effort into their apps because they know that the majority of their clients are gambling on a handheld device. This applies to casinos and bookmakers.

There are a couple of good apps out there, but once you learn that you can download 10cric’s mobile app from here, you won’t look for any other operator because this one has it all. Some people appreciate it and do not want to use anything else, but others are reluctant to give it a try.

Truth be told, most gamblers that don’t use 10cric’s app simply do not want to bet on the go. Everyone interested in smartphone and tablet betting is aware that 10cric’s product is on different evel. Yet, people know that iGaming apps can lead to problems, so let’s see why not everyone is keen on using them.

People are afraid they will spend more money than usual

In today’s world, apps for gambling allow people to access sports betting options and casino games more conveniently. Certain apps don’t offer such an experience, but 10Cric is different, so people who want to use it must be more careful.

The fact that this app will let users gamble on different things with just a few taps means that some people can spend more money than usual. Those who can control themselves will set a budget or use different deposit limits. Sadly, not everyone is like that, so many gamblers prefer to avoid the application due to the fac they could get in trouble.

Missing bonuses

Although 10Cric has done everything to ensure mobile gamblers and desktop users do not have access to different products, there could be some exceptions. Usually, this is the case with the bonus section because India’s premier iGaming site has regular temporary perks that let people test different services. Certain proposals will be transferred to the apps, but others won’t, at least not at first.

Many online bettors won’t have problems with this because they do not use offers all the time. Yet, others are always looking for new things to try out, so they want to use every new offer provided by 10Cric.

It’s more difficult to make payments

Most gambling apps look pretty similar, but if you compare them to the one from 10cric, you will find one big difference in the payment section. The site is known for providing people with a variety of payment gateways that allow users to make safe deposits and withdrawals. Although they can be tried out on mobile apps, certain gamblers will have difficulties making payments on the go. As a result, they prefer using the desktop platform. It’s with knowing that some people need years to pay their credit card gambling debt, so users are careful.

Those who decide to make mobile payments need to ensure that all of the minimum requirements, processing times, and fees are the same. 10Cric should offer the same conditions for all clients, but there are always some exceptions. That’s why users need to be careful when deciding what to use.

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The customer support department is easier to reach on a desktop device

The last reason some people refuse to bet on the go using 10cric’s application is the customer support options. Although the site is known for helping its clients when needed, those who use the desktop site can access live chats and many other things. They are also available on mobile, but it’s much harder to use them, especially if you have a more serious question. Hence, a lot of gamblers prefer to use the desktop platform of 10cric.

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