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What are the Advantages of Using a Temporary Phone Number

Advantages of Using a Temporary Phone Number

How many of you have come across a situation where you need to register on some platform, and in the process of registration you are required to receive SMS or Call with a verification code to confirm your account? I think many have. Naturally, you can specify your real mobile number, but there is a high probability that after that you will receive annoying calls or newsletters of an advertising nature. The question is how to avoid it? We will tell you about it in our article.

What is a temporary phone number?

This is a standard mobile number that can be used for various tasks for a limited period of time. Usually such mobile numbers are used for one-time reception of SMS to create Internet accounts. It is worth noting that you do not need a SIM card to use it, because it is located separately on special devices on the provider’s side. These SIMs interact with the software on the service side, which results in the client being given a temporary phone number to use.

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What are the main purposes of a temporary phone number?

As we wrote above, a temporary mobile number is needed to avoid leaving your real phone number on sites you don’t trust, but that’s not the only reason. A number of reasons to use this service:

  1. Hide your real phone number. There are totally different situations where you don’t want to show your real mobile number. Maybe you’re afraid of annoying spam and advertising, or maybe you just want to remain anonymous. A temporary phone number is a great solution to both of these problems. You get the same features as with a standard phone number, but you save money and stay incognito.
  2. Registering multiple social media accounts. To register multiple social media accounts, you’ll need a unique phone number to register each one. But it’s much easier to connect several temporary phone numbers for the required period of time and get all the necessary confirming SMS for registration on them. Thus, it will allow you to avoid unnecessary spending on physical SIMs, as well as greatly simplify the registration process, because you won’t have to run to a cellular service center and constantly rearrange the SIM card from device to device;
  3. Bypassing local restrictions. Many Asian and American applications only accept phone numbers from a limited number of countries for registration. While you can easily swap IP through a VPN or proxy, getting a local SIM card from a foreign country will be quite problematic. But fortunately, you can issue a temporary mobile number of the country the site requires and confirm it in minutes.

Main advantages of temporary phone numbers

Using temporary phone numbers to receive text messages includes benefits such as:

  • Privacy: They provide anonymity to the owner, so your real name and phone number remain unknown;
  • Security: Using temporary phone numbers protects you from spam, fraud and other scams on the Internet;
  • Flexible: These numbers are easily accessible and can be used to register with any online registration service;
  • Easy to use: Getting a temporary number is quick and, easy and you can start using it as soon as you register;
  • Time saving: They allow you to get SMS without waiting for long confirmation or connection to mobile service.

How to get a Temp Phone Number using SMS-man platform

To get a temporary phone number, we will use the SMS-man platform. The site has phones for one-time activation (valid for 20 minutes) and for rent (valid for 4 hours to 3 months). This platform is very popular, because there is an extensive database of phone numbers from 180 countries, which can be used for registration on any site or application.

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The procedure is quick and easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Log in to the SMS-man service using your e-mail or log in with your social media account;
  2. Find the “Top up my Balance” tab in the menu on the left and enter the amount you want to buy;
  3. Choose a country and service on the main page;
  4. Press the “Buy” button in front of the selected service.
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