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How to Recover Lost Data: Best Photo Recovery tool

Losing even one significant Photo may be upsetting, almost as if you had lost the experience. Photos can jog memories and remind us of the times we spent with those closest to us. The good news is that most deleted or lost images may be retrieved utilizing photo recovery software, and we know the best photo recovery app.

How to Recover Lost Data

You can recover from an unexpected data loss situation with the help of a small number of commercial and free photo recovery software options. We’ll examine the data recovery best tool, i.e., Wondershare Recoverit, available and provide you with information so you can use the one that’s best for you.

How Photo can be Lost and What to Do to Recover?

The reasons listed below cause picture loss:

  • Virus assault on the holding device for the Photo
  • Erroneously removing the Memory stick from the device
  • Intentionally or unintentionally pressing the Delete key
  • External factors for memory destruction, such as heat and water
  • Harsh handling or removal of Storage device
  • Accidental or deliberate formatting

On macOS, go inside the Trash folder, and on Windows, look inside the Recycle Bin to often recover your lost images without requiring data recovery software.

On macOS, here’s how to retrieve deleted images from the Trash folder:

  • By clicking at the bottom or right side of the menu, you may access the Trash.
  • Locate and choose the images you wish to recover.
  • To move the mouse to a different folder or your desktop, click any of the chosen pictures, hold the button down, and drag the mouse.

To recover deleted photos from Windows Recycle Bin:

  • Click on the desktop icon for the Recycle Bin to access it.
  • Locate and choose the images you wish to recover.
  • For recovering a file, use right-clicks on any file that has been highlighted.

You may also recover permanently deleted images using free photo recovery software like Wondershare Recoverit.

Wondershare Recoverit: Best Permanently Deleted Photo Recovery Solution?

Wondershare created the Recoverit data recovery program, which has been in some form since 2003. It searches for thousands of files on internal and external media, recovers them, and aids with backups.

There are Windows and Mac versions of Recoverit. A mobile device’s whole internal storage system can be recognized by Wondershare Phone Recovery through USB. The primary file recovery feature looks for files on your chosen volumes and directories.

It supports almost all file types, including those exclusive to specific operating systems. Additionally, it will display files that haven’t been lost or deleted if your source is not contaminated. You may effortlessly back up everything to a different location as a result.

You should download Wondershare Recoverit and perform a scan as soon as possible if you’ve lost data. Your chances of recovery are higher the sooner you run a scan.

Using Wondershare Recoverit for Photo Recovery:

Fortunately, various data recovery applications are now available, making it simple to retrieve deleted photos from your computer. Recoverit Photo Recovery stands out from the vast field of data recovery software for photos as the most trustworthy and effective option.

Step 1: Select Location:

Launch Recoverit Photo Recovery to start the procedure. After that, you must decide which hard drive you used to erase your images. The scanning procedure can then start by clicking the “Start” button.

Select Location

Step 2: Start Data Recovery Process:

The software will now start a thorough search of the hard drive you chose to look for deleted photos. You can see a preview of the photographs while they are being scanned.

Start Data Recovery Process

Step 3: Review and Recover:

You can now preview all of the photos that can be recovered and select the ones you want to save. To retrieve the pictures, click the “Recover” button at the end.

Review and Recover

Is Wondershare Recoverit worth it?

Among the well-known brands of PC utilities and creative tools is Wondershare. Thus, it is no surprise that its Wondershare Recoverit program is excellent at recovering photos.

Suppose you’re willing to pay for higher levels. In that case, you’ll gain access to video repair alternatives and bootable recovery tools in addition to the robust collection of capabilities that can recover photographs and video from the data recovery software. There is a lot to enjoy on paper.

Anyone can start using Wondershare Recoverit since it’s simple to download and install, regardless of whether you desire data recovery for personal files or manage your own business. More information is kept on computers, in pictures, and in films. You may safeguard that information using Recoverit to prevent accidental deletion or theft.

Other Features of Recoverit:

Following are a few other functions you can get in Wondershare Recoverit:

Corruption of video files is a widespread issue in the realm of video editing. It frequently occurs when transferring data from an SD card. You can use Recoverit to scan the files if you encounter this issue. To retain your Ultra HD, 4K, and 8K videos intact, recovers them.

The Recoverit Advanced version can help you fix corrupted, incomplete, and damaged videos. It offers two quick and advanced repair options to suit various needs and enhance repair quality.

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You can recover your data when a machine crashes using the Crashed Computer Recovery tool. You can access the files on a crashed computer using a bootable USB drive that you can make with Recoverit. It is a straightforward and practical tool that will be incredibly helpful in a dire circumstance like this.


In this urgent situation, the Recoverit Photo Recovery program is the only approach that can provide you with complete confidence in photo recovery. It guarantees that you will recover lost photos. The utility ensures the recovery of deleted photographs, preserves image quality, and restores deleted images to their original state.

Additionally, you may retrieve lost Google photographs and images in various common file types, including JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF, and RIFF. You may look at the recovered photographs using the preview tool and choose which ones you want to recover. All Windows and macOS versions may utilize Wondershare Recoverit, which enables users of all backgrounds to restore their priceless photos.

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