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A digital writer specializing in tourism for sustainable development

A digital writer specializing Official Image

Are you a tour operator and want to attract more prospects to your site? Do you have a travel blog and lack visibility on the Internet? So, a web editor traveling with a digital pen and an adventurer at heart will be an effective collaborator for the development of your activity. Today, the expansion of digital offers endless possibilities to Internet users to design a tailor-made stay.

Turnstones take the time to inform themselves. They scrutinize travel diaries, ask questions on forums, and analyze the description of tourist products, in order to be advised and to find out about prices. Your communication on the Internet must therefore be effective in reaching the prospect and inspiring in order to make their dream. We will see in this article why a digital writer specializing in tourism contributes to your marketing strategy.

Tourism 2.0 and digital communication

“The tourism sector has, for some time now, largely undertaken its digital shift with more than 79% of tourists preparing their trip on the Internet, 55% booking online. says Didier Coulisse, Marketing and Territorial Animation Manager at the Banque des Territories. Therefore, digital communication is essential to stand out and grow on the Net.

As such, the introduction of digital writing is necessary for an effective marketing strategy such as Wikipedia Writing Service. Indeed, correctly implemented, it allows you to attract qualified traffic thanks to content optimized for SEO (natural referencing). In addition, this content allows the dissemination of the values of a company or a travel professional, as well as the creation of a link with the prospect and their loyalty. Moreover, online tourism leaders such as Expedia and Booking have fully grasped this.

“These 2020 tourism market leaders have understood that SEO investments are essential to their communication strategy:

  • Booking invests 8 billion dollars in SEO.
  • Expedia, for its part, spends 6 billion for a turnover of around 140 billion dollars. According to Alize.

As you can see, the field of travel is strongly linked to the internet. It was one of the first sectors to adapt to the digital world. E-tourism has exploded and ranks third in Internet commerce after fashion and cultural products.

In addition, new technologies have repercussions on tourism and it is necessary to think about communication and marketing accordingly. Only those who know how to adjust to the evolution of the digital world and take consumer habits into account will be able to stand out from the competition.

The travel web editor and his strengths in web-marketing

As you have understood, 3/4 of French people organize their stay using the Internet. Therefore, generating quality content, relevant and with high added value, is important for solid visibility on search engines.

The writer sublimates, with his digital pen, a product or a service. Its mission, to make future explorers want to experience new odysseys, travel a new circuit or respect its principles by adopting concepts such as responsible tourism. It also provides advice, tips and informs about the country’s tourist news.

In addition, he designs innovative and unique content using his skills. Thus, it develops optimized texts that promote natural referencing and contribute to the development of the image of the professional. It federates and retains a clientele that shares the same truths as the company or the blogger.

More than a tourism specialist, he is a collaborator who participates in the digital and economic growth of your projects.

His assets are thus:

  • his curiosity;
  • its creativity and originality;
  • his desire for adventure;
  • his impeccable spelling and his effective style;
  • it’s fluent writing;
  • its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise.

In addition, in recent years, the concept of digital nomad has developed, a term qualifying a person who exercises a digital profession while traveling the world. In fact, many travel writers are putting this new way of working into practice. Consequently, these wandering feathers bring added value due to their experiences both in terms of the destinations traveled and the services used (accommodation, transport, catering, cultural activities, excursions, etc.).

“Travelling first leaves you speechless, before transforming you into a storyteller. » Ibn Battuta
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Content published by a digital writer specializing in tourism

SEO rules require that the text, when published, be original, authentic, and with high added value for the Internet user who reads it. Like an explorer telling you about his adventures, the travel web editor makes you want to live them.

He also writes web content on tourist news in a country or internationally, in order to inform the turnstone to travel in the best conditions. He creates presentations of tour operators, hostels, restaurants or others to highlight a concept and the values of the company.

He can also be the author of tourist guides which group together, according to the destination, the places to visit, the good plans, the activities to do, the hotels where to stay, etc. Finally, he makes travel product sheets to give a taste of what the holidaymaker will experience during his excursion.

To sum up, in order to deploy and stand out on Web 2.0, digital communication is important. Because the reflex of a turnstone is to carry out an investigation on the Internet to find what he needs in order to create a dream vacation. In addition, being visible on search engines requires strong natural referencing skills and regularly published quality content. Thus, the collaboration with a travel web editor, passionate and who masters the techniques of digital writing is an asset for your development on the Web.

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