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You might love your smartphone because of its convenience, but did you know it can be life-saving?


If you ask people to name one thing they can’t live without, many of them will tell you it’s their cell phones. Truth be told, mobile devices have made life much easier and more convenient: they allow you to find any information with only one click, stay in touch with friends and family, watch your favourite show whenever and wherever you want, and much more. Dr. Martin Cooper could have hardly imagined that mobile phones would be such an integral part of people’s lives back in 1973, and yet, look at how far technology has progressed.

In fact, your smartphone plays a bigger role in your life than keeping you connected and entertained – in many instances, it can be a life-saving tool. Wondering how they can keep you safe? Keep reading to find out.

Calling for help

This is probably one of the most evident ways your smartphone can keep you safe: allowing you to call for help whenever needed. Suppose you get involved in a car accident, and another passenger in the vehicle gets injured. In such a situation, you can call 911 (which is only three buttons away). Speaking of car accidents, your mobile phone allows you to access any information, and if you need legal advice, you can easily find support online. For instance, by visiting, you can learn everything about claiming compensation for an accident and even reach out to a legal professional.

Obviously, your smartphone isn’t only useful when it comes to car accidents. For example, it’s a good idea to pre-program the numbers of your family or close friends so you can call them right away if you have an emergency.

Efficient navigation

To some people, there’s nothing quite like the experience of an adventurous journey – even if they go trekking along an unknown route. They just love the adrenaline that comes with it! However, there is always the possibility of getting diverted from your route, sometimes possibly arriving in places that are at risk or facing problems that need a quick response.

No one wants to face such a situation, and the good news is that your phone can help you prevent that, potentially saving your life. The GPS tracker on your smartphone will help you ensure you stay on the defined route, and not put yourself in risky situations. Moreover, you can share the route with a close friend before you embark on your adventure, allowing them to monitor your movements and alert them if you get into unfortunate situations that could require help.

Disaster warning

Natural disasters can put human lives in danger and create massive damage to the world. And many times, they happen because of under-preparedness. There was a time when you couldn’t know when a natural disaster occurred, but now, thanks to mobile phones, you can get a timely warning that allows you to take necessary measures and try to protect yourself.

Let’s take earthquakes as an example. Although they happen suddenly, which means you don’t have time to relocate, getting an alert on your phone can be lifesaving because it allows you to know of the natural disaster before the actual shaking takes place. This way, you can move away from the traffic, find a shelter, or shut down any industrial operations.

Health monitoring

Mobile phones can help you stay on top of your health, allowing you to monitor aspects like your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, glucose levels, sleep patterns, and so on. By tracking data on your health, you can identify potential risks, avoid future complications, and enjoy overall better health.

Smartphones can also help patients with chronic conditions manage their symptoms. There are now many apps available for those dealing with asthma, diabetes, and so on, providing everything from guidance and reminders to support in order to ensure patients stick to their treatment plans. Besides, such apps can also connect you with healthcare professionals who can offer advice and peers who can provide the emotional support you need when dealing with a chronic illness. Even if you don’t have a chronic condition, remember that doesn’t necessarily mean you are a healthy person. If you don’t have a balanced diet and you are neglecting physical activity, such things can take a toll on your long-term health, posing different risks. But thanks to your smartphone, you can be motivated to adopt healthy behaviours, like exercising regularly or eating well – isn’t that fantastic?

Mental health management

Your physical health isn’t the only thing that requires your attention – you also need to care for your mental health. Unfortunately, many people around the world deal with mental health issues that can be debilitating at times, affecting all aspects of their lives. When your mental health is bad, your physical health also suffers, so it’s essential to manage it. Your smartphone can help with this aspect, too, as there are now many apps designed for mental health care. These apps allow you to connect with other people who may be dealing with similar issues, helping you build a strong support system.

At the same time, they can also be used to get help from a therapist. For example, apps like BetterHelp allow you to connect with a mental health professional who will help you get the help you need to manage your symptoms better. This is incredibly convenient, and it’s something that wouldn’t have been possible a while ago. Some mental health conditions, such as depression, are linked to a higher risk of suicide, and in such situations, a smartphone could really help save a life, as it is now possible to use an app to track signs of suicidal thoughts and feelings and reach out for help. Now, you don’t necessarily have to struggle with your mental health to benefit from mental health and wellbeing apps – you can use them for prevention and to manage stress effectively. For example, meditation apps do a great job of improving your mood and promoting relaxation.

The bottom line

There you have it: 5 incredible ways your smartphone can be there for you to ensure your safety. With technology evolving really fast, mobile devices will definitely keep playing an essential role in people’s lives.

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