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What is the iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan?

When we talk about a luxury smartphone, Apple’s iPhone is the first name that pops into everyone’s mind. And when we say luxury, we actually mean it, considering where the iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Pakistan which is a whopping Rs. 5,50,999. Though you get a much better deal when you make your purchase through trustable online platforms such as the Savyour website. It delivers the authentic mobile to you, and you get a cashback offer on your purchase. Hence, you save on this purchase and get the phone right at your doorstep.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in Pakistan

The previously launched iPhone 13 Pro Max did make waves and has still been popular in the market. But it is said that though the phones may not seem too different, this is a great upgrade from before. To begin with, you would get confused due to the identical look, along with the three stovetop-designed cameras, along with frosted glass, and stainless-steel metal frames. But there are some very defining differences between the two.

Features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

Knowing the details about the phone helps you to make the right decision for yourself. So, we have covered all the important details you need to know about the latest iPhone available in the market.

Color Options

You have four different color options, which include the public favorite Space Black. Then you have the classic silver and gold. Then there is also a funky deep purple color similar to an elegant aubergine color. In order to avoid fingerprints and smudges on the phone, there is a matte, frosted finish It gives a rich look to the phone, and it looks clean even if you have been using it all day long.

Lightning Charger

Though everyone expected the USB-C charger when this phone was launched because every smartphone in this category has it, Apple stuck to being unique with its lightning cable. They are not planning to change things up just because virtually everyone in the market is doing it. The charging cable quickly charges your phone, and the battery lasts for the day. You would not have an issue with the battery life. Plus, it doesn’t take the phone to charge when connected with its own cable.

New Design

The one major difference you will notice in the iPhone 14 Pro Max is that Apple has retired its notch design which housed the selfie cam and the Face ID sensors. Instead, they have given it a pill-shaped cutout and shrunk in size which you will find right in the screen’s center. Though you may find it a little annoying as this cut’s right in the middle of the screen and can be distracting while watching any videos. The phone still has weight and is a big and heavy phone at 240g and the cameras also have a much thicker bump in comparison to the previous iPhone.

Display Screen

You can always expect the best screen resolution from Apple and you only get an excellent quality screen from this phone also. The phone has a large Super Restina XDR panel which comes up to 6.7 inches. For the popping colors and vibrancy while using the phone, you have the OLED screen, and the brightness goes up to 2000 nits when you have the auto-brightness setting turned on from the beginning. Though later, you can easily manage the brightness through the control panel.


If there is anything we have all compared the iPhone cameras to their preceders all the time This iPhone offers amazing results with a 12 MP camera that captures the complete 48 MP RAW file. If you are a photography enthusiast, you will like the camera they have to offer. Then they also offer a wider angle camera with a 24 mm view angle, with an aperture lens of f/1.78 with OIS. Their upgraded sensor size has a better capability to capture light.

To break down the three cameras, you have the ultra-wide traditional 12MP camera with a 13mm expansive angle view, which has the matching aperture of f/2/2. Then you have the 12MP telephoto camera. This gives you three-time more the zoom along with a 77mm angle view, OIS, and an aperture of f/2.8. There is also an inner of 12 MP with a 48 MP sensor for a two-times zoom digital lens. You also have a decent selfie camera in front of the screen.

Added Features

You have generous storage available allowing you to download apps, and store data and picture without the phone hanging up on you. The data will remain safe, and the phone will keep functioning smoothly even with a lot of data on it. The A16 Bionic chops power the iPhone and the good news for gamers is that it gives you the best gaming experience.

If ever lost in the wilderness and cannot find signals, don’t be worried, you can still get in touch with emergency numbers and get help. This is because the iPhone 14 Pro Max can communicate with satellites.

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Regardless of the heft iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Pakistan, you will find that the phone does deliver the luxury user experience that it promises. They may not have the headphones and the usual notch openings, but they do make a statement.

What are your thoughts about the latest iPhone? Would you purchase it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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