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UPDF Experience: What is the power of this cross-platform AI-powered PDF editor?

UPDF Experience

We can find reading PDFs Nowadays has almost become an indispensable part of the work and study process. In PDF, you can view content consistently on all different devices, and PDF format is also the format that I always use when I want to send a document file to others. In an office environment, this format helps send and receive important documents such as contracts and payment slips online. On the other hand, I also noticed that most students often exchange study documents in PDF format. Therefore, using PDF has become an essential need in people’s daily information exchange.

Today I want to introduce to you an AI-integrated PDF editor called UPDF by Superace Software. UPDF editor is a powerful PDF software that integrates many tools, and AI is a special feature compared to other PDF management tools.

UPDF offers the biggest discount of the year on UPDF Pro + AI + 20GB cloud storage (buy one year get 14-month usage here)

Easy-to-see, intuitive interface, clutter-free arrangement of tools

UPDF’s arrangement is used on the left, right, and top sides. Whenever you need to use any tools, it is very easy to find. If you look at a similar tool, Adobe Acrobat, you will easily see that Adobe Acrobat’s interface is more confusing and complicated to use. We find UPDF as a tool that those who are new to PDF software can quickly get acquainted with. In addition to the arrangement, the icons of the tools in UPDF are also designed to be eye-catching and easy to understand, helping you get more inspired when looking at them.

clutter-free arrangement of tools

Salient features

Basically, UPDF, like other PDF management tools, will still have features such as: taking notes, editing, converting files, text recognition (OCR), and electronic signing,… But the point is The difference as I mentioned above is that it has AI. We can see that at the present time, many tools with different usage needs will have tools that integrate AI into them. You could summarize, explain, translate, and write, even ask for the AI.

Salient features

Edit text and images in PDF files

With the text editing feature, you will treat PDF files like regular Doc or Word files. One thing I find quite good is that when I edit text, it doesn’t have font errors like other tools. Other PDF editing. With image editing, just like how you are working on Word, you can move and align images without breaking the article structure.

Edit text and images in PDF files

Convert PDF file format

Actually, this feature is not new, but I feel that this tool is smoother, at least when switching to Word it is not “broken” like other applications. Specifically, UPDF allows you to convert to Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, RTF, and even image formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF. There are special formats that only UPDF can convert that you will hardly encounter in other applications such as CSV, BMP,…

Convert PDF file format

UPDF’s optical character recognition (OCR) feature allows you to process multiple documents in PDF format more quickly and efficiently. Specifically, UPDF can recognize text in more than 38 languages. UPDF, it can be said that most PDF files can be recognized and converted into text that can be modified and customized more. UPDF’s OCR can generally help you handle work faster and more compactly, including the most outstanding feature: convert scanned PDF to editable PDF

Convert PDF file

Annotating with PDF files is what I use most on UPDF. What I use most often is highlighting important points and taking notes next to them. In particular, I find the notes on this tool to be made quite beautifully and intuitively. Whenever I need to reread the notes, it is easier. Besides, it also allows you to draw lines on PDF, including strikethroughs and underlines to highlight important sentences in the file.


Crop PDF

This feature will allow you to treat a page like an image. For my personal needs, I don’t need it because I usually align the margins and text perfectly before exporting to PDF. Well, it will be useful for those who often read PDFs or PDF books that have too much white space, so cut them out to reduce eye irritation.

Add Watermark, Background, Header and Footer

In the left sidebar, you can access the bottom icon to add a watermark. Adding a watermark is quite important for those who do highly academic work, ensuring that others do not use their documents.

The Background adding feature will be suitable for those who are designers, it gives you the option to change the background to different colors and even images.

In addition, UPDF also allows you to add Header and Footer from PDF files, this will help you mark or add page numbers faster. This saves you time in the process of converting to Word to reformat the pages.

Organize and arrange pages quickly

On the sidebar, there is an Organize Page tool to help you arrange pages faster. If you accidentally type on the wrong page or simply want to arrange that PDF file to your liking for easier consumption, you can also use drag to drag back and forth to arrange, very simple and intuitive.

Organize and arrange pages quickly

Things that can be done with AI

I find it necessary to apply AI to a PDF tool, especially for those who read a lot of documents. With UPDF’s AI, you will be able to do the following:

  • Summarize a PDF file of several hundred pages, grasp the main idea in a few minutes
  • Ask directly about the issues you have in mind in the document
  • Translate into the language you want
  • Ask him to research more about what you are reading to get more information
  • You can ask him to explain again if it’s too difficult to understand
  • Ask it to write based on the document you imported

Things that can be done with AI

Affordable price

This is probably one of the points that makes it competitive compared to other brands. In terms of features, it is almost completely superior to its competitors but at a significantly lower price. It is divided into 3 main package types: UPDF Pro (annual), UPDF (Permanent), and AI add-on. So if you want to use AI, you could upgrade to UPDF Pro + AI.

Compare with other PDF tools

In order for you to clearly understand the differences between UPDF compared to other PDF tools, I have created a comparison table below for you to clearly understand and then decide whether to try UPDF or not.

Compare with other PDF tools

These are some of my shares after a few days of experiencing UPDF, my conclusion is that it is worth experiencing. Due to my recent needs, I need to process and browse many different PDF files, so I can see quite clearly the differences above in what it brings me. For example, before it took me more time to understand a PDF file of about 50 pages. Now I just need to ask it what I need to know inside the file, no need to skim and read each page and each paragraph. To some extent, it will also change the way you work with PDF files in general.

Interested parties can receive the biggest discount of the year on UPDF Pro + AI, purchase 1 year including 14-month usage benefits, and receive 20 GB Cloud Storage here.

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