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Unethical Techniques in Sports Betting

Unethical Techniques in Sports Betting Official Image

Techniques to make easy money from non-GameStop bookmakers, you have undoubtedly heard of them. But if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. If you want to be successful in the long term, you first have to work hard. Here we cover two unethical gambling techniques. It is best to stay as far away from them! Trustful betting sites you find on

1. Match Fixing

Match fixing is the fact in the result of a sports competition is wholly (match fixing) or partially (spot fixing) influenced by a participant. This participant, for example, a player, trainer or even a referee, deliberately loses or cheats. Athletes or arbiters who participate are financially rewarded for knowingly losing a match.

Match fixing is a serious threat to the sport. Athletes must be able to compete with each other in fair and competitive conditions.

There are two ways of match-fixing. The first way is when players of a team are approached by someone offering them money to manipulate a particular match. In many cases, in those cases, there is a lot of gambling on the victory of the other team. The second way is when athletes are bribed by other athletes. The reason for this may be that the bribers are not demoted or eliminated, for example.

How Do Unscrupulous Bookmakers Engage in Match-fixing?

All the cases we have mentioned above, it concerns matches of smaller clubs. The reason for this is that matches of top clubs are many times more difficult to fix. Players of top football clubs often earn royal salaries. They are in the public eye and can therefore suffer considerable reputational damage if it turns out that they have been involved in match-fixing. In addition, it is much more difficult to influence top matches. The stakes are high and a lot of money is at stake. Top football, but also other top sports, has become a multi-million dollar business.

So when one is looking for a match to fix, one quickly ends up with players who are less prominent. Players who earn less may be interested in an extra income. This does not only apply to professional football players but also, for example, to professional tennis players. The latter sport in particular is ideal for a match-fixer. It is a misunderstanding that gamblers bet purely on football. Any sport that offers a manipulable bet is of interest to the gambling mafia. Betting markets can be result oriented but can also be events such as ‘player gets a card, ‘next throw’, and ‘player loses the second point in the seventh game in tennis.

Which Sports Are Prone to Bribery?

We have created a chart where we have assessed certain bets on bribery susceptibility.

Betting Market           Susceptible to Bribery              Easy to Bribe         Amount Players Can Bet

Premier League Winner                    No                                             No                               High

Next Champions League throw-in  Yes                                            No                               High

Winner 7th point table tennis          Yes                                            Yes                              Low

NBA 4th Quarter Winner                   No                                             No                               High

Game 5 tennis winner                       Yes                                            Yes                              High

What you see very clearly in this diagram is a confirmation of what we outlined earlier in this article. It is very lucrative and interesting for gamblers to try to manipulate spot-fixing in Champions League matches, but the players who would then have to perform a certain action are not easy to recruit.

Manipulating a certain point in a certain game on the tennis court is possible. But the non-GamStop bookmakers are restrictive here by keeping the bets low so that there is not much to be won.

Non-GamStop Bookmakers & Match Fixing

Do non-GamStop bookmakers turn a blind eye to match-fixing? No definitely not. Bookmakers also realize that less prominent matches are much easier to influence than matches played in the full limelight. Especially if only one player has to be bribed. For less popular matches, these betting options are often not offered.

Bookmakers not on GameStop also determine the possibility of match-fixing due to the betting limits they use. If a bookmaker offers low betting limits on betting markets such as ‘player gets a yellow card’, less can be earned than if a very high betting limit is offered. When bookmakers keep bets low, it becomes less interesting for match fixers to buy matches.

2. Courtside Betting

Courtside betting means that players place bets after the outcome is already known. With this technique, you beat the non GameStop bookmakers purely by being too fast for them. A courtside will place a sports bet whose outcome is already known to him, but not to the bookmaker.

Courtside Betting at Tennis

Courtside betting mainly occurs at tennis matches. Bookmakers not on GameStop can only register points when the referee pushes a button. The time between the end of the point and the moment the referee presses the button is the period in which the ‘courtside punters strike. That time may be enough to place bets. Usually, the courtside punters are in direct contact with someone who places bets.

In tennis, every point is of great importance and there are many points to be earned during a match. A courtside, therefore, has many moments to strike during a tennis match. For example, he can bet on the winner of the next point. Even before the umpire can award the point to one of the players, and thus allow the bookmaker to enter the ‘in play delay’, a courtside punter will have placed the sports bet on that point.

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Non-GamStop Bookmakers & Courtside Betting

A courtside, therefore, beat the bookmakers purely by their physical presence at the game. It sounds like a beautiful fairy tale for the placer of this kind of sports betting but make no mistake. Bookmakers are aware of these techniques and will take firm action against them. Several millions of euros have already been lost to this kind of unethical gaming behavior.

When a market consistently closes (‘suspended’) after you bet, it can lead to your account being capped or even banned. Of course, that doesn’t just happen. If a player places a large percentage of his sports bets on ‘normal’ items and only occasionally on tennis markets that have been quickly suspended, this will not immediately be regarded as courtside betting. For example, betting on the winner of a point or game is more likely to be considered courtside betting than predicting the winner of a match.

According to the necessary factors, an image is formed that you do courtside betting. Once you’re limited, you can forget it. You can count on your two hands the number of accounts from which a limit has been removed. It should therefore be clear that we are opposed to courtside betting and do not support this kind of betting behavior.

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