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Top 5 Free CRMs in 2024

Top 5 Free CRMs

CRM systems became an indispensable assistant to a business nowadays. They provide complete automation of processes and allow you to increase sales.

Such help as automation of processes allows you to reduce time spent performing routine tasks, such as data entry or generating reports. Thanks to automation, employees can concentrate on important tasks, heightening the customer service.

Impleme­nting CRM systems is essential for busine­sses aiming to expand and enhance­ their competitivene­ss. These systems gre­atly streamline and optimize work proce­sses, resulting in improved e­fficiency and better outcome­s. So don’t put off implementing a CRM system until later – this is a tool that can change the way you think about your business. Let’s highlight the most notable of them, available for free.


This CRM system is an all-in-one solution that is ideal for companies looking for ready-made and optimized workflows.

This platform integrate­s a range of tools for planning, analysis, performance e­valuation, and facilitating effective communication be­tween employe­es and clients. By utilizing this CRM system, a company can e­ffectively address dive­rse challenges and achie­ve successful outcomes. For example, collect and analyze data about the target audience, reduce the time spent on transactions, effectively distribute tasks and projects, and prepare the necessary documents.

Mastering the program is very simple thanks to the intuitive interface and logical structure. Moreover, this system can be integrated with other popular business solutions, which significantly expands its functionality.

Major features:

  • Key functions include managing sales, tasks and monitoring their implementation, as well as integrating communication channels with customers.
  • A test mode is provided for paid tariffs lasting 15 days.
  • There is a free plan with limited functionality.
  • Deployment of the system is possible through a cloud service, and there are also versions for personal computers and mobile applications.
  • During the trial period, the system functionality is available without restrictions. Bitrix24 is able to cope with a whole range of tasks – from customer accounting to website creation and warehouse accounting.

The huge range of features can be intimidating for new users, but don’t worry. A survey during registration is carried out so that the system selects the optimal starting set.

Zoho Crm

This free online crm supports up to 3 users and up to 1 GB of file space, an unlimited number of contacts, integration with other Zoho products.

The tool stands out above all for its performance in terms of process automation and the fact that it is accessible on the cloud. In addition, it comes with a mobile app that allows users to manage their contacts anywhere and at any time.

Available functionality of the free SRM: leads, deals, contact management, tasks, events, multi-channel marketing. In addition, within the framework of this system, it is possible to configure the accounting of goods in the warehouse, manage employees, and also create a variety of analytical reports.


This system provides a full range of tools necessary for contemporary companies. She provides control over all phases of construction projects, including site schedules, design, contracting and preparation of project documentation. In addition, the system automates supply management processes, inventory tracking and accounting.

This system also provides a platform for the work of the sales and marketing department. It simplifies the management of a team of managers, analyzes data, provides electronic document flow and accompanies the process of transferring apartments to clients. In addition, the system supports integration with various telephone systems and other means of communication with customers.


According to user reviews, Hubspot is one of the finest CRM software in terms of efficiency. This tool makes it easier to manage business and also helps to better manage customer support.

With Hubspot, businesses can automate many sales-related processes and certain interactions with their customers. This saves a lot of time.

Using this CRM system, the company becomes capable of substantially enhancing the quality of service based on clear and visual performance indicators. The system provides one sales funnel, but you can create additional ones depending on the assigned tasks.

Key properties:

  • Key functions include requisition management, sales control, tasks and projects, and financial management.
  • A free trial period of 14 days is available for paid plans.
  • A free plan with limited functionality is provided.

Learning the system will not take much time thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Technical support promptly responds to requests and helps in solving problems. The mobile application of the CRM system allows you to perform the necessary operations regardless of the location of employees.

Zendesk CRM

Zendesk Sell gives your salespeople access to all the integrated tools available to get a complete overview of a customer’s account. This way they stay in the loop and can exploit opportunities that arise.

SpeakingThis software solution is specifically designed for comprehensive management of construction companies, providing capabilities that go beyond traditional CRM systems. It offers automation of many processes within the company, including management accounting, planning, financial monitoring, resource management, as well as interaction with contractors and customers.  Its versatile features also make it an ideal CRM software for real estate agents, aiming to streamline their operations and improve customer relations

This system actively monitors the progress of construction work and facilitates financial planning. It allows you to create resource plans, simplifies and automates document flow processes and reduces costs.

It also offers custom web forms and chatbots that power the sales pipeline in real time. You can track the entire communication by checking call, contact and email history. So take control of the data and use it to shape your sales efforts. You can easily access the software from your smartphone or computer and integrate it with sales-enhancing apps.

Zende­sk offers the capability to streamline­ repetitive tasks through the­ power of artificial intelligence­. This software empowers use­rs to delve into their re­ports, making insightful comparisons with their predefine­d goals. By prioritizing data integrity and confidentiality, Zende­sk ensures transparency and se­curity against unforeseen circumstance­s.

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Indeed, CRM tools possess all the necessary features to manage and properly follow up on your contacts. If you succeed in choosing your CRM, your teams will be more efficient, your customers will be well supported and your company’s results will be affected.

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