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The Evolution of Gambling : From Traditional Games to Online Casinos

Traditional Games to Online Casinos

Description: In this article you will learn basic historical facts about some of the most popular and oldest casino games in the world.

The Evolution of Gambling in the World

To study the history of the development of gambling, we have to define what the word means. Gambling is an activity that is constantly being risked for profit. All the outcomes depend on the player’s analytical data, skills, and luck.

This kind of entertainment has been known since ancient times. They are already noted in ancient Persian cities, the Sunnah. The first records mentioning gambling games date back to 1700-1100 B.C. In ancient Greece, this form of entertainment was considered a way of contacting God.

Gambling was able to go around the planet and become popular in all corners of it.

The Emergence of Lotteries

The list of gambling games in those days was quite small. The first entertainment was considered to be craps and cockfighting bets .
Hundreds of years later, lotteries emerged. Some think they first appeared in ancient Rome, but other scientists speak of ancient China. Some even suggest that the Great Wall of China was built using lottery betting money.

When it comes to the American lottery, the first reference to it dates back to the 17th century. In 1726 lotteries were already being said to have been held in the Netherlands. At that time the whole point was to buy a ticket and wait to win.

Already in 1974 some rules were changed and lotteries began to use combinations of numbers. They are invented by the player himself. After that, a reel is rotated and different values fall out.

In the 1990s, lotteries became even more popular due to the widespread of technological possibilities. Everyone could now follow the process via television.

Nowadays, lotteries can be bought anywhere, even from payment terminals. Now you don’t have to look for a long time where you can bet your lucky combination to win.


If we talk about such an unusual type of gambling as slots, they have not changed very much. Their main essence is the same – to catch a lucky combination of symbols, numbers or characters.

The first mention of slot machines was in New York City in 1891. To play the game and try your luck you needed to drop a coin and start spinning the reels.

In 1895, in San Francisco were invented and presented a new slot machine, which had three reels. They were nicknamed “one-armed bandits” because they had a lever at the side, which had to be lowered to start the game.

In the 20th century, they began to change some of the symbols and that is when all the gambler symbols appeared – the fruit. The winnings were in the form of drinks , chewy sweets or other sweets.

Nowadays, video slots are particularly popular. They differ from the classic in that they are based on any particular theme. Most often it is a movie, TV series, TV shows, bands, actors and so on. All symbols are associated with one theme. The fact that there is a greater variety of characters and is the most attractive to the gambler.


This is a rather young type of gambling entertainment in comparison to the above. The first references were three hundred years ago in France until the 1990s . In all the gambling houses it was just a card game, which at the first opportunity was able to break into the leaders in attendance.


The birthplace of poker is usually considered to be Europe. Historical records date its 16th century debut in France, England and Germany.

Just after its introduction it made its way to North America and managed to captivate the hearts of its residents. That’s how it became a national game of chance. There even appeared competitions, and then held the first world poker tournament.

Nowadays people can play poker from the comfort of their own homes. Live poker allows you to chat with your opponents online, copy them, and even be live with them. All players can see the dealer who dealt their cards.


Historians have identified a number of variations on the origins of this form of entertainment. Some say that roulette first appeared in the 19th century in the United States, where it was brought by French emigrants.

Although the first mention of such a game was already in the Encyclopedia to the shores of Labrador and Greenland, which was written thousands of years ago.

Many people changed the rules, some invented their own, while others modified existing ones. Thus, three main trends appeared: American, French and European Roulette.

Nowadays, roulette can be found at any online casino. You can play either using a random number generator, or in a live casino alongside live dealers and contestants.


The oldest type of gambling that has been discovered by archaeologists. Their remains have been found in what is now Iran. They were also mentioned in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and the Old Testament.

Craps appeared on the Internet in the 90s. On gambling platforms you can find detailed game guides, strategies and tips. The live version is suitable for experienced players who prefer to play at home but with live opponents.

A Platform with Modern Gameplay

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Gaming Lobby

More than 1,900 games can be found in the Entertainment section. There are various categories, the most popular of which are :

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