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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Comprehensive Review of Innovation and Excellence

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Introducing the epitome of technological marvel: the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. A masterpiece born from the fusion of innovation and elegance, this device is not just a smartphone; it’s a gateway to a realm of limitless possibilities. With its breathtaking design, groundbreaking features, and unrivaled performance, the Galaxy S24 Ultra redefines what it means to wield power in the palm of your hand.

Prepare to embark on a journey where every glance at your phone sparks awe and every interaction leaves you spellbound. Welcome to the future; welcome to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra experience. In this article we will discuss in detail about the Price, Design, Display, Software, Cameras, Performance of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Pros and cons


  • 200MP camera
  • Dynamic LTPO AMOLED display
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • 12GB Ram
  • 7 years Android OS and security update


  • No 3.5mm jack
  • No FM Radio
  • Charger is not included

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Price In Bangladesh

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in three storage options: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. All three variants have 12GB of RAM. In Bangladesh, the Galaxy S24 Ultra costs about 243,999 Taka.

It has a huge 5000mAh battery with fast 45W charging to keep the power going all day. Under the hood is the latest Android 14 operating system. Powering everything is Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which is very powerful yet efficient being manufactured on a 4 nanometer process.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Display

Display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is top-notch, just as you’d expect from a flagship phone. It’s massive and really bright and vivid, especially when using the “Vivid” color setting.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Display Image.

The display has lots of customization options too, like adaptive brightness and color tones that adjust based on ambient lighting. This helps make sure the screen always looks its best. In bright sunlight, it can get up to an insane 2,600 nits which is super bright – you definitely won’t have any issues seeing it outside.

Something else cool is the “Extra Dim” mode. Even at just one nit, the lowest brightness setting, the Galaxy can keep colors looking good. That means you could sneak in a quick message during a movie – just try not to be that jerk checking their phone the whole time!

There’s also an always-on display, Samsung kept their unique “S-View” cases too. Those have a little window that shows the time, weather, and notifications even when the case is closed. It’s a handy feature they didn’t drop over the years.

Could the display be even better? Maybe – some phones hit 144Hz which is super smooth. But that might be faster than our eyes can see anyway. It would also be nice if Samsung supported Dolby Vision. When watching Netflix, shows tend to look their best on screens that have that HDR standard. Seems weird they include Dolby Audio but not Dolby Vision.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Design

The new Galaxy S24 Ultra may look pretty similar to last year’s S23 Ultra. The speaker grills and microphones have shifted slightly, but other than that it’s basically the same phone, right? Well, not so fast. This thing has some nice upgrades under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Design

First of all, you gotta see this back. Samsung has really stepped up their color and material game. The glass has these subtle metallic layers that give it some crazy depth. My favorite is the violet – the contrast against the polished metal frame is just gorgeous. Even the basic black and gray colors have a sleekness to them.

And man, once you pop out that S Pen, you’re in for a real treat. Did you know it clicks when you take it out? Totally unnecessary but so satisfying. Plus it’s just as precise as any pro drawing tool. But that’s not all – the button can also act as a remote for the camera. Yup, it’s basically a built-in shutter release. How cool is that?

Performance-wise, it’s running like a champ. And while it may only be a gram lighter than last year’s model, every little bit helps when we’re talking about phones this size.

So in summary – sure it may look the same at first glance. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find the Galaxy S24 Ultra is packing some meaningful upgrades that really elevate the user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Cameras

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is still Samsung’s best camera phone, despite rumors that the zoom lenses would be weaker than last year’s model. While the S23 Ultra had a great 10x optical zoom lens, the S24 Ultra focuses more on overall image quality.


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Camera Image.

Its 5x zoom lens may not go as far, but photos turn out better. Images have richer colors and detail even at 10x or 100x zoom. They don’t look as flat or noisy as before. Some fine details are lost, but photos are more pleasing to share. Those extremely zoomed photos from the S23 Ultra just looked terrible – too blurry and grainy.

Low light is still a challenge, and some other phones handle night shots a bit better. But overall, the S24 Ultra takes the best photos. It’s especially good at close-up macro shots, portraits with accurate skin, and pet pictures. Selfies also look great with nice detail.

Samsung made some improvements to photo editing, but third party apps are still better. The S24 Ultra’s gallery app now has AI editing to resize and change backgrounds. It’s a fun feature, but not really photography. Any AI edits get a small watermark so people know.

While not perfect in every situation, the Galaxy S24 Ultra consistently performs better than other top phones for most types of photos. Whether you need a good zoom, macro, or low light shot, it’s capable.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Performance

Ever since Apple started making its own chips for the iPhone, Android phones haven’t been able to beat the top iPhone in performance. That changes with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It’s just as fast as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and even faster in some ways. You may not notice the performance gains, but credit is due – Qualcomm and Samsung topped Apple’s silicon for the first time in years.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Performance

What does this mean in practice? You can do everything faster on your phone now. If you play games like Call of Duty Mobile or Genshin Impact, you’ll have smooth frame rates and no stuttering, even on the highest graphics settings.

Pair a controller over Bluetooth and you’ll destroy players on Pixels and cheap Motorolas in your favorite multiplayer games. Having such a responsive phone for games is a big win. The S24 Ultra even beat the gaming-focused Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro in all my tests, hitting higher framerates on new games.

If games aren’t your thing, you’ll still feel the speed boost. I edit photos in Lightroom Mobile – on the S24 Ultra, sliders move instantly so I can see changes right away. It was also faster than my older S23 Ultra using Adobe’s new masking tools.

The only slowdowns are with new AI features, ironically. For the first time in years, Samsung leads Apple – but it loaded the S24 Ultra with AI that Apple hasn’t included yet. Instead of everything feeling faster, I have to wait for AI-powered text suggestions or gallery edits.

Those AI features aren’t worth the wait time. If writing tools appeared instantly like Lightroom changes photos, I’d love them. But seeing the AI logo is like a stop sign every time.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra we found had incredible battery life. While continuously browsing the web on 5G, the Ultra lasted an impressive 16 hours and 45 minutes. That beats the iPhone 15 Pro Max we tested by over 2 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Battery

It also outperforms last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra by more than 2 hours. To get even better battery life you’d need a dedicated gaming phone like the Red Magic 9 Pro with its huge 6,500mAh battery.

Pretty amazing since Samsung didn’t increase the battery size this year. They just optimized power management on the Ultra. The adaptive screen settings can aggressively save power but you can disable them if you want max brightness at all times. You can also adjust other settings to extend your battery.

There are even more extreme power saving options. Samsung used to have an ultra power saving mode, now found under Power Saving features. This lets you limit apps, disable edge panels, dim the screen and shut down unused features.

Samsung also includes an “Adaptive power saving” mode that learns your usage patterns. But good luck finding it! It’s buried deep in settings – go to Device care then the Battery graph (yes that text is a button). Then tap Power saving (also a hidden button) and open more menus via the tiny menu dots.

Charging speed is also impressive. In just 15 minutes I got to almost 40% with the 45W charger. A full charge took around 45 minutes, even faster than Samsung claims. Some phones like the OnePlus 12 charge much quicker though, hitting 100% in half an hour with its 80W charger.

The Ultra also supports 15W wireless charging and can wirelessly charge other devices too. As for finding that feature, good luck – I’ll send you a prize if you can! Just add wireless power sharing to the quick settings for easy access.

Unlike some phones, the Ultra doesn’t include a charger. So be sure to get one that supports the full 45W for the fastest charging speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Software

It really seems like they’re putting all their focus on the hardware specs and features, but neglecting the user experience that comes from the software.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Software image.

The software on the Galaxy S24 Ultra just isn’t great. One UI has gotten to the point where it’s more hassle than help. Even basic things are overloaded with menus and options, and Samsung can’t seem to make up their mind on what’s actually best for us users.

I’m going to give Samsung a year to turn this around, but between you and me, I think it may take them two years or more to dig out of this hole. All the issues from before just got amplified, and now every new addition has problems too, like one bad thing leading to another.

Don’t even get me started on finding all the new features. Where do you go to use the AI translation tools? Or set up the text message rewriting AI? How about turning on the photo editing or web page summarizing intelligent features? You guessed it – all hidden in the same not so obvious place.

They buried every new Galaxy AI function way down in the Settings. And I mean way down. You have to go through 22 different options just to find them. Option 16 is for “Advanced Features”. Tap on that and it leads to “Advanced Intelligence”, which I’m pretty sure isn’t what AI really means. That’s where Samsung stashed all the cool new flagship phone abilities – three layers deep under the 16th Setting.

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Final Word

The Samsung Galaxy S Ultra has been the top Android phone since 2020. It became even more popular after adding the S-Pen in 2022, making it similar to the Galaxy Note. While the 2024 model may look the same at first, it actually has some nice upgrades. The screen is improved with a flatter display. The cameras and materials like titanium are also upgraded. So although it looks the same, there are meaningful changes under the hood.

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