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Rajkotupdates.News : Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

Rajkotupdates.News : Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire, Rajkotupdates.News: Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire, Rajkotupdates.News Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

In today’s era, online gaming has captured the interest of the youth, and two prominent games, Free Fire Max and PUBG, have gained immense popularity in India. These online battleground games provide entertainment to children and young adults alike, allowing players to engage in thrilling battles on mobile and computer platforms while communicating with each other.

Pubg Developer Krafton Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

With over 100 million active users worldwide, PUBG has established itself as a global sensation, while Free Fire Max boasts a staggering user base of over 200 million. Both games offer impressive graphics, animation, and gameplay experiences. Free Fire Max, developed by Garena PVT LTD in 2017, has made a significant impact in the gaming industry.

The Begining

Since its release in 2017, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has taken the gaming world by storm, emerging as one of the most popular games globally. This battle royale-style game drops players onto an island, where they scavenge for resources, weapons, and fight against other players until only one individual or team remains. Riding on PUBG’s success, Garena Free Fire, released in the same year by Singaporean game developer Garena, has gained substantial popularity, particularly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Although sharing similarities with PUBG, Garena Free Fire offers its own distinct gameplay experience with shorter game times and smaller maps.

The Lawsuit: Krafton’s Allegations

Krafton, the creator of PUBG, has filed a lawsuit against Garena, accusing Garena Free Fire of copying various elements from PUBG. The lawsuit asserts that Garena Free Fire’s interface, characters, and gameplay bear striking resemblances to PUBG. Furthermore, Krafton alleges that Garena Free Fire has also replicated elements from other popular games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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Krafton’s Demands and Objectives

In its legal action, Krafton seeks damages from Garena on grounds of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Additionally, Krafton aims to obtain an injunction that would prevent Garena from continuing to incorporate PUBG elements into their game.

Garena’s Response and Silence

While Garena has not yet publicly responded to the lawsuit, the company had previously denied allegations of copyright infringement in a statement issued in 2019. The gaming community eagerly awaits Garena’s official response to the lawsuit.

The Outlook of the Lawsuit

The future trajectory of the lawsuit remains uncertain. However, this legal battle highlights the ongoing debate within the gaming industry regarding the use of similar elements in different games. With many developers facing accusations of copying elements from other games, it is likely that lawsuits such as this will become more prevalent in the future.

Comparing PUBG and Garena Free Fire: Similarities and Distinctions

Both PUBG and Garena Free Fire belong to the battle royale genre, demanding players to compete against each other to emerge as the sole survivor or winning team. These games share gameplay mechanics like looting weapons and supplies, shrinking play zones, and environmental hazards.

Nevertheless, significant differences exist between the two titles. PUBG embodies a more realistic and tactical approach, compelling players to make strategic decisions based on available resources and terrain. Conversely, Garena Free Fire adopts fast-paced and arcade-style gameplay, placing greater emphasis on action and agility.

Other Games Accused of Copying PUBG Elements

PUBG has been embroiled in various lawsuits against video game developers who were accused of unauthorized replication. One prominent case involved Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, which faced accusations of copying PUBG’s “battle royale” gameplay mode.

Other games, including Rules of Survival, Knives Out, and Free Fire, have also faced allegations of copying elements from PUBG. Such accusations have ignited heated debates surrounding the originality of video game concepts and the role of copyright law within the gaming industry.

Implications of the Lawsuit on the Gaming Industry

The legal clash between Krafton and Garena Free Fire holds significant implications for the gaming industry, particularly concerning copyright and intellectual property laws. A successful outcome for Krafton, proving that Garena Free Fire copied PUBG elements, may establish a precedent for game developers to pursue legal action against competitors utilizing similar gameplay mechanics or visual elements.

Alternatively, if Garena effectively defends itself against the accusations, it could set a precedent for more lenient interpretations of copyright law within the gaming industry. Regardless of the verdict, this lawsuit is poised to have a lasting impact on how video game developers navigate intellectual property issues.


Krafton’s lawsuit against Garena Free Fire intensifies the ongoing debate surrounding the incorporation of similar elements in different games. As the lawsuit’s trajectory unfolds, it becomes evident that game developers must exercise greater caution when creating games to avoid allegations of copyright infringement and unfair competition. The outcome of this legal battle will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of the gaming industry, influencing the approach toward intellectual property issues.

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