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In a recent report by, it was revealed that Apple’s iPhone exports from India have witnessed a remarkable increase, doubling between the months of April and August.

This notable increase in exports is a testament to the success of the Indian government’s Manufacturing Linked Incentives (PLI) program to entice global giants like Apple to expand their manufacturing operations in the country.

With a focus on increasing production capacity, investment, and employment opportunities, the program has encouraged Apple and other multinationals to expand their manufacturing presence in India.

This development not only promises significant growth for India’s manufacturing sector but also strengthens the country’s position as a key manufacturing hub, especially in the technology industry.

Stay tuned for more insights on India’s booming export market and its impact on the global economy.

Why is India exporting more iPhones?

The Indian government’s push for local manufacturing has led to a significant increase in the production of iPhones in India.

It has not only boosted the country’s economy but also positioned India as a key player in the global smartphone market.

Here, we will try to share the growth of iPhone manufacturing in India and dive into the impressive numbers that highlight its success.

1. Indian Government Initiatives:

The Indian government is actively encouraging smartphone companies to establish manufacturing units in the country.

By providing various incentives and benefits, such as tax breaks and simplified regulations, the government aims to promote local production and reduce dependence on imports. These initiatives have paved the way for an increase in iPhone manufacturing in India.

2. Rise in exports of iPhones made in India:

According to a report by News Arena India, exports of Made in India iPhones have witnessed a remarkable increase over the past year.

In fact, the report states that exports of these iPhones have increased fourfold, representing a staggering ₹40,000 crore worth of iPhones exported in just one year. This export growth highlights the growing global demand for Indian-made iPhones.

3. Increase in contribution to total iPhone production:

The latest data reveals that India now accounts for around 5% of the total iPhone production. This is a substantial increase over previous years when the contribution was less than 1%.

The increased production in India signifies the country’s growing importance in Apple’s global supply chain and underscores the success of the “Make in India” initiative.

As India continues to foster an enabling environment for local manufacturing, it is poised to become an even bigger hub for smartphone production in the years to come.

4. Impressive growth rates:

A report from Tekdeeps states that the number of iPhones manufactured in India has witnessed a remarkable increase of 65% in the last year compared to the previous year.

This exponential growth showcases the efficiency and scalability of manufacturing operations in India.

The report also highlights a remarkable 162% increase in the value of Indian-made iPhones, further underscoring the positive impact on the country’s economy.

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Final Thought

The rapid growth of iPhone manufacturing in India is a testament to the success of government initiatives and the attractiveness of the Indian market for smartphone companies.

With exports of Indian-made iPhones quadrupling and India’s contribution to total iPhone production reaching 5%, the country has firmly established itself as a crucial player in the global iPhone supply chain. Apple.

The impressive growth rates in production and value further bolster the success of iPhone manufacturing in India.

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