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How to stand out on TikTok: 8 tips to shine on the network

8 tips to shine on the network Official Image

1.5 billion: this is the number of users that TikTok should exceed in 2022 worldwide. The social network, born in China in 2016, is recording an unprecedented growth rate. It should even rise in the near future ahead of Instagram, just behind Facebook and YouTube. The free platform is a real success with the youngest and teenagers. It has become essential for sharing photos and videos all over the planet. But how can you stand out on TikTok? We give you some tips to gain visibility on the mobile application which is a hit.

1. Choose good content

You can already try to make people laugh! Yes, fun catches the eye of the public… Why not does a humorous sketch between colleagues or parody your favorite artist? You can also improvise as a dancer or singer on the hit of the moment! No matter the subject, if you manage to get smiles or giggles, you have won everything.

We all need to relax and let go. This is what Internet users are mainly looking for on the TikTok network.

If the application has gained enormously in popularity, it is also with the emergence of challenges: sport, dance, fashion shows, games, etc. You have many options! Choose a fairly original, but simple event: it must remain accessible to as many people as possible.

You can simply tell the scenes of your daily life, it also works:

  • have your coffee at the new downtown coffee shop that makes delicious vegan pastries;
  • give your opinion on the news of the day, whether local or international;
  • Share your latest beauty tip: you have found a magic potion that makes your dark circles disappear in 5 minutes;
  • tell about your last sporting experience: what was your training to succeed in running a half-marathon?

A subject that also animates the community a lot: is animals. The videos of our dear companions, whether funny, touching or committed, have been a great success with Internet users.

A little more seriously, you can also confess a life experience: how you managed to lose 10 kilos, overcome an illness, overcome an emotional shock, etc.

We advise you to be creative to really differentiate yourself from other publications. The must is to create the buzz: creating a viral video is the Holy Grail on TikTok!

2. Post quality videos to stand out

Choose the duration of your video carefully: the algorithm used to calculate the viewing time is important. You have the choice between 15 seconds, 60 seconds or 3 minutes. According to an article in Le Monde newspaper, TikTok will soon extend the duration to 10 minutes in all countries, which could further compete with YouTube. However, the videos that currently perform best are between 21 and 34 seconds.

You should also take care to choose your music carefully. A video with a catchy beat is more likely to capture your audience and thus be viewed in full. You can take inspiration from popular songs on different broadcasting channels: radio, Deezer, Spotify, etc.

After making your video and adding your sound, you can apply filters to stand out more on TikTok. There are a lot of them to change the feel and color of the video. We will note 4 main categories of filters declined with different nuances: portrait, atmosphere, landscape and food. It’s up to you to add your personal touch!

Finally, for your video to be of high quality, we recommend that you take care of the thumbnail (or thumbnail) to encourage your subscribers to click.

3. Oser les hashtags

You have chosen your theme; your music and you are ready to publish your video? Don’t forget to add hashtags. Tiktok Blue Tick Verification Service is very important and will help you get noticed by TikTok’s algorithms: #pourtoi #foryou #challenge #chienchat #beauté #love #danse, etc. We recommend at least 3 catchy hashtags per video.

4. Post regularly

The more you post, the more TikTok will promote you and the more you will reach a large number of Internet users. It is advisable to upload between 1 and 3 videos per day to be noticed by the famous algorithms of the network. Posting times are also important. Prioritize the following slots:

  • on weekdays, between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. in the morning then between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. in the evening;
  • Saturday is a special day when people are more involved in sports or artistic activities, so you will capture fewer people;
  • Sunday is a day when all slots are good.

5. Collaborate with an influencer

To stand out and expand your audience, don’t hesitate to call on an influencer in the field. Find someone who shares the same values as you or your business to convey the right message. His creativity will be a real bonus for your marketing operation.

6. Organize challenges

You must first define your objective: to promote a new product, to increase the awareness of your brand, to become an influencer, etc. You must choose a challenge that is simple and accessible to everyone, which does not require any particular skill. The challenge must be fun and make you want to try the adventure.

7. Teasing on the network

What could be more frustrating for Internet users than not knowing the fall of a story? You can hold your audience spellbound and gradually unveil the product in several successive videos. Thus, you will arouse the curiosity of Internet users who will be eager to know the rest (new version of a product, promotion of the moment, stock clearance, etc.)

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8. Switch to a pro account to stand out on TikTok

Thousands of businesses use business accounts on TikTok. Everything is studied so that your brand benefits from an effective marketing strategy. You will find performance indicators, tools for content creation, and audience statistics. You will also have access to a commercial music library with royalty-free tracks.
To go further, we advise you to read the TikTok guide for pros.

Now you know all the tricks to be able to stand out on the successful 21st-century platform. We let you apply all our recommendations and boost your notoriety!

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