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How to Remove Watermark from PDF: Learn the Best 3 Methods

How to Remove Watermark from PDF

Adding a watermark to a PDF file will personalize the file by attaching your company logo or the specialized stamp of your identification. Though the mark is the identification of the file owner, sometimes the spot can bother the reader who is reading the file. However, there are ways to delete the watermark from your PDF file if it distracts your attention. Let’s read our post and learn the methods.

What is Watermark?

The watermark is the digital stamp on the file that displays the brand name, company tagline, or any image on the file. You can add your company logo or any personalized sticker to show that you’re the owner of this PDF file. Thus, the watermark becomes the identification mark of your PDF digitally.

In some cases, the watermark disturbs the readers, and they cannot concentrate on the file’s content. If you are facing a similar issue, removing the watermark rescue you and let you read the file attentively.

The Three Ways to Remove Watermark: Learn the Easiest Methods

Here we’ll show you the best and most convenient ways to remove the watermark from the PDF files. Let’s begin!

How to Remove Watermark using EaseUS PDF Watermark Remover

EaseUS PDF Editor is one of the top-notch software in PDF-relevant tasks. If you cannot read out the PDF file you just received through the mail due to its watermark, try EaseUS PDF Editor. The powerful tool lets you enjoy the file reading by removing the mark from the file so that it won’t disturb you or break your concentration anymore. EaseUS PDF Editor offers great functionalities, including converting, compressing, merging, encrypting, and creating PDFs. It’s a one-stop solution to all your PDF issues.

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Advantages of using EaseUS PDF Editor

  • You can remove the watermark within a few simple steps
  • It can convert, merge, split, compress and crop your PDF
  • It supports OCR technology to extract text from images
  • It also can add a watermark, enable e-sign and decrypt passwords from the PDF
  • It offers a subsequent edit option that you can make your file customized

How to Steps- 

You need to follow simple clicks, and the watermark will remove permanently.

Step 1: Install the EaseUS PDF editor

Download the software on your PC and run the program

Install the EaseUS PDF editor

Step 2: Import the PDF

Open the program’s interface, and click on the ‘Open File’ button from the lower left corner to import the file. Alternatively, you can tap the ‘File’ button and select ‘Open’ to import the PDF.

Import the PDF

Step 3: Navigate the page

Open the imported PDF file in the program and click on the ‘Page’ option.

Navigate the page

Step 4: Open Page Design option

Once you click on the ‘Page’ option, a page design tab will open where you can see the Watermark button. Click on that and avail of three choices.

Open Page Design option

Step 5: Click on the Remove Watermark

Click on the ‘Remove Watermark’ option, and a pop-up window will open. It will show if you want to remove the mark permanently or not. Click ‘Yes,’ if you want to remove it permanently.

Click on the Remove Watermark

Once you have done the edit, click the ‘Save’ button.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Google Docs 

Google brings a PDF editor in its Docs file for an easy and convenient watermark removal option. It’s a popular word processor among users, and you’ll feel comfortable performing the editing task. Further, it offers creating, editing, and processing options to do the editing anytime you need.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Google Docs

How to Steps- 

Follow the simple steps, and you’re done.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Drive

Login to your Google Drive account and tap on the ‘+New’ button

Step 2: Upload the File

Click on the File Upload button and choose the watermark PDF file.

Step 3: Click on the File name.

Once the file upload process ends, you’ll get a notification. Click on the ‘File Name’

Step 4: Check the Preview option

You can see the Preview option tap on the ‘Open With’ button.
Step 5: Tap on File

Tap on the Google Docs

Step 6: Remove the watermark

Check whether the watermark automatically removes or not; if not, tap on it > Select it > Tap on ‘Delete’ from your keyboard.

Step 7: Save your PDF document

Once the watermark is removed, tap on ‘File,’ choose ‘Download,’ next tap on ‘PDF Document.’

Now your PDF document without a watermark is saved to your PC

How to Remove Watermark from PDF on MS Word

If you have a space issue on your PC, want to avoid installing any software, or do not want to log in to your drive file, you can still remove the watermark from your PDF file. The simple and easy way is to convert the PDF into a Word file, and you can easily remove the watermark using MS Word’s functionality. How? Let’s learn.

How to Remove Watermark from PDF on MS Word

How to Steps- 

Convert the PDF into MS Word by following the steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF and right-click it.

Step 2:Click on Open with Menu

Step 3: Tap on Word Or MS Word from the Menu

Now your PDF file is converted into an MS Word file.

Step 1: Open the Document

Open the MS Word file you want to remove the watermark.

Step 2: Click on the Design tab

In the Ribbon area at the top of your Word file screen, tap on the ‘Design tab.’

Step 3: Select the Watermark

From the Design tab, tap on’ Watermark in the Page Background area.’
Step 4: Click on the Remove watermark.

If you’re a Windows user, choose ‘Remove Watermark’ from the watermark menu and if you’re using Mac, choose ‘No Watermark’ from the Insert Watermark window.

Once you select it, MS Word will delete the watermark from the document.

Bottom Line 

The above-stated methods are for permanently removing the watermark from the PDF file. Document with watermark cannot provide a smooth reading option. Hence, removal is necessary. Try EaseUS PDF Editor for a quick and convenient way for the removal process. Alternatively, you can use Google Docs and MS Word to remove the watermark from your PDF permanently.

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