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How to OCR PDF easily in 2022: Quick Way to OCR PDF

OCR stands for optical character recognition for those who are not familiar. The ability to convert papers into data that can be searched and modified by a device like a smartphone or a computer is a fascinating technological advancement. In this tutorial, we’ll explain the basics of OCR and show you how to use a powerful yet simple tool i.e. pdfelement for mac or Windows to OCR a PDF.

How to OCR PDF easily in 2022: Quick Way to OCR PDF

Any entity has to have effective document management. Just consider how beneficial it would be to perform this task automatedly. OCR can help you save a ton of time. Let’s learn more about what is ocr pdf technology and how to OCR a PDF without further ado.

OCR- What is it?

The OCR made it possible to transform paper documents into digital data. These digital data may be searched and edited through software and even search engines. Text may be created from photos using OCR. It can read text from PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, and TIFF files.

OCR Meaning:

As we’ve already explained, OCR is an acronym for optical character recognition. In other words, the function can identify text included in photos, PDFs, etc., recognize the characters, and transform the content into editable form. The benefits of OCR are numerous. You may arrange and keep a lot of data, for instance.

What is OCR PDF?

Every document is handled as a text file using the OCR technology. The program will review the text and contrast the characters with references kept in its database. In most cases, PDFs are made up of several pages that are ultimately just large pictures and not editable text.

However, you may turn these substantial images into papers by using OCR. As a result, most PDF editors on the market use OCR technology to turn photos into editable text.

Intro of Wondershare Pdfelement 9:

Wondershare PDFelement has positioned itself as an all-in-one PDF solution for management among the numerous other PDF editors on the market. While offering a variety of PDF management tools, it also offers an all-platform solution, supporting users of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. One of Wondershare PDFelement’s most notable advantages is that it is accessible through the cloud and has a direct link to offline platforms.

More than just easy reading and editing of PDF files are available with this free PDF solution. According to their needs, users can request that their files be translated, converted, annotated, signed, shared, and translated into the relevant languages. It is among the most excellent alternatives on the market because of its various features.

To get the most out of Wondershare PDFelement amazing features, download it to your computer or another device.

How to OCR Using Wondershare PDFelement?

You can use the PDFelement in the following ways to OCR PDF files:

Step 1: Upload PDF File:

Upload PDF File

On your computer, download the PDFelement application. Double-click the program’s desktop icon to launch it, and then select “Open File” from the menu that appears. In the pop-up window, choose the PDF you want to OCR, and click “Open” to launch it.

Step 2: Perform OCR PDF:

Perform OCR PDF

Select OCR by clicking the “Convert” button. If you don’t already have one, you might need to purchase a plugin from this site. Select your preferred OCR option next. OCR PDF to “Editable Text” or “Searchable Text Image” is two alternatives. Select “Editable Text” and press the “OK” button to make the converted text editable.

Step 3: Edit and Save:

Edit and Save

After your PDF has been processed, click the “Edit” tab, choose “Add Photo,” “Add Text,” “Add Links,” “Add Watermarks,” and “Add a Backdrop,” and then continue altering the file as desired. When finished, save the file.

Why Wondershare Pdfelement?

The trustworthy, cross-platform PDFelement 9 tool from Wondershare is PDFelement. It can operate on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android without a hitch. Additionally, there is a Cloud mode. It offers PDF conversion, editing, and other functionality like sharing and adding notes to already-existing PDFs.

Features of PDFelement:

The following features and enhancements are included in the new PDFelement 9:

Update to the base layer:

The rendering speed has significantly increased thanks to the software.

Multi-Terminal Document Flow:

Now, sharing, exchanging, and editing files across desktop, mobile, and cloud platforms is quicker and more practical.

New features:

The program has many new capabilities, such as enhanced Document Translation, Form Recognition Copy, and Annotations Generator that may produce notes, documents, and summaries of important information.

New Batch Management Functions, new Perspective Options, and a new Reading Mode with an immersive view are also added to the app.

UI Improvements:

The UI has also been significantly improved to provide a more comprehensive reading area with a clear perspective. Additionally, the navigation is more accessible and straightforward.

It is a Free PDF Editor that provides certain fundamental features in addition to the Paid Plan. However, individuals who wish to explore this universe without investing in a license can do so with the free edition. Other products on the market won’t provide that, though.


This Guide has shown us that OCR is a revolutionary technology still changing the world today. The technology can create writings that are “workable” from photos.

Powerful software like Wondershare PDFelement makes OCR technology accessible to many individuals. After all, OCR technology was previously difficult to obtain without paying a high price. Wondershare PDFelement is adaptable and may spare you the hassle of spending numerous hours copying PDF content. Whether you use any computer, Wondershare PDFelement can operate without a hitch.

As we’ve previously explained, you may easily install and use Wondershare PDFelement in most Windows and Mac versions. The software is simple to use and compact. Since the most sophisticated OCR technologies are usually only accessible through complicated, hefty programs, it allows people straightforward access to OCR technology.

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