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How to format your old iPhone when you want to sell it?

format your old iPhone when you want to sell it

Buying or switching to another smartphone can be very exciting, but before you let go of your old one, trade it in or give someone else access to it. , you also need to follow some steps. With the daily use of smartphones, there is no denying the fact that endless amounts of data have become images, videos, audio, documents, and other types of files on your iPhone.

When we sell phones all files and data should be deleted as it is confidential, so it’s not good for random people to have access. That’s why it’s important to take good care of your old iPhone and the data it contains before you sell or trade it in.
It is very important to delete all the data from your old iPhone, but before you go with this step, there are, some other steps to be followed. The steps and mentioned below.

1. Back up your data

It is indeed important to back up your data before selling your old phone to someone, as the data will be erased while someone is using your phone. Therefore, we recommend backing up your data before selling. It also protects information from misuse and prevents invasion of privacy. Always back up your data before selling your phone to someone else. Once you have a backup of your data, you can easily transfer it to your new mobile phone to continue using it with the previous data.

2. Remove/Delete all passwords

Clearing passwords is another important thing to do before sending your old phone. It’s not just one or two accounts or platforms when it comes to passwords. There are several passwords stored on your phone using the new password storage feature that recognizes your face and fingerprints and gives you control over your password tab. You should remove all passwords, including passwords you have saved to your lock screen, your phone’s main folder, or any other account. All these should be removed before selling your old phone. First of all, you need to transfer all data from your iPhone to another device before proceeding to whiten or erase iPhone data.

• Transfer data from iPhone

It is always recommended to transfer data from iPhone to another device as data cannot be recovered once deleted from the smartphone. Therefore, the following steps are mandatory for all users. You can also back up your iPhone before deciding to sell. And if you switch to another iPhone, you can easily restore your data to its original format when you buy a new iPhone. You can easily back up your iPhone files using the following two options:

1. iCloud

If you use your iPhone frequently, you may know that iCloud automatically runs the backup part periodically until your iPhone’s data is full. No matter when you want to switch your iPhone to another iPhone, it is always recommended to create at least one last backup before deleting all personal data on your iPhone.

Backups are stored in iCloud, so if you switch to another iPhone your data will be synced and easily restored later. However, you have to know that iCloud has limited free storage space provided. If you want to increase the storage space, you have to pay a subscription fee every month. The fees may differ depending on how much storage you want.

2. iTunes

If you plan to switch to another iPhone and don’t want to use iCloud for backup purposes, using iTunes is also an easy process. You can easily use iTunes and save data by using your computer to download the iTunes software to your desktop. You can sync your data by connecting your iPhone to your computer. You can select the connected iPhone as there may be multiple devices.

How to delete data step by step process on iPhone

Deleting data on iPhone is very easy. So when you sell an old iPhone, all you need to do is format it to iPhone via self. For this, you will have to go to the settings menu followed by the general option. Click on the reset button and tap on the erase all content and settings. This will now ask for the Apple ID and passcode which has been entered. You cannot erase the data on your old iPhone without knowing the Apple ID or password. Once you enter the idiot password, it will take so time to delete it completely

Where can you sell used iPhone

iPhone is a well-known brand and therefore you will never find it difficult to sell it. However, to get great deals against Yeda and genuine deals, you can always find out the right website online.

Quick mobile is one such website that is quite helpful and comes along with an easy process to sell old iPhones. The experts analyze the mobile phone properly so that you could receive a good amount against your old devices.

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