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How to Fix a Tankless Toilet?

Tankless Toilet Official Image

The popularity of tankless toilets has been steadily increasing and that’s why you must have noticed toilets without tanks both in residential and public buildings. Traditional toilets come with a tank and that tank is fundamental to their functionality as it ensures that the bowl is emptied and water is pulled down to the drain. The tankless toilets are designed to work without tanks, unlike traditional toilets.

They do not rely on the tanks to empty its bowl, instead, they use the water pressure to carry the waste to the drainage system. In case the water pressure is lacking, they use the pump and similar technologies to build the pressure and push out the waste. Recently, tankless toilets have been most used in crowdy urban apartments as a low-tech solution or as futuristic toilets in modern and aesthetic apartments. If you want to buy luxurious and aesthetic tankless toilets then go ahead to LumBuy.

Plus it needs to be said that there are more advantages to using tankless toilets over traditional toilets. However, people are still hesitant to use them because installing them is kind of tricky and no one wants to pay a plumber for merely installing a toilet. This is why I have decided to discuss in detail How to Fix a Tankless Toilet. By the end of this blog, you’ll be ready to install a tankless toilet without any additional help from anyone so let’s get started.

Installing a Tankless Toilet:

Step 1: Check the Pressure and Flow rate of the Water Supply

The first step is to check the pressure and flow rate of the water supply. Make sure your water supply has a pressure that is greater or equal to 0.12Mpa and a flow rate that is greater than or equal to 18 Liter per minute. You can’t install a tankless toilet if the water supply pressure or flow rate is less than the above-discussed marks.

Step2: Attach a Valve to the Water Supply

Attach a valve to the water supply. Use your hands instead of a wrench.

Step 3: Connect the Toilet to the Drainpipe

Next, you need to connect the tankless toilet to the drainpipe. Every toilet comes with specific instructions and different methods to connect with the drainpipe. Most toilets come with a silicon flange that is installed at the bottom outlet of the toilet. Then the toilet is placed on the drainpipe and the flange helps the toilet in connecting with the drainpipe.

Step 4: Attach the Toilet Hose to the Water Supply Valve

After that, you need to attach the toilet hose to the water supply valve. Use a wrench to tighten it up really well.

Step 5: Flush The Toilet:

Now you need to flush the toilet to see if it is working. If the flush is working, then you have done everything right.

Step 6: Install the Battery Cartridge:

This step only applies to you if your toilet has a backup power feature. Here you need to pull out the power plug and disassemble the bidet seat and at the base of the seat, you will need to put the batteries. Read the instruction manual of your tankless toilet to know exactly how many batteries your toilet requires etc. Also, pay attention to the polarity while putting the batteries in.

That’s it now your tankless toilet has been installed and is ready to use. It is obvious that people make the installation process to be far more complex than it really is.

Challenges People Face While Installing a Tankless Toilet:

Due to inadequate guides and incomplete guidance available, people end up facing a lot of challenges while installing tankless toilets and the most common ones are;

Inability to Check the Pressure and Flow rate of Water Supply:

People are not familiar with the tools and tricks required to check the pressure and flow rate of their water supply. This is why many prefer to just use the traditional toilets.

But checking the pressure and flow rate of the water supply is very easy. You can use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the water supply. In addition, make sure your water supply can fill a bucket with 1.1 gallons of water in 10 seconds. If it can fill the bucket with 1.1 gallons of water in 10 seconds then your water supply has the required flow rate for a tankless toilet.

Difficulty in Attaching Tankless Toilet to Drain Pipe:

This is very common because every brand has devised its own method to attach the tankless toilet to the Drainpipe. This causes significant confusion but you can get help by reading the product manual. Moreover, almost all brands upload how-to videos on their websites, you can watch them for tips too.

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Now you can easily install a tankless toilet without paying a plumber to do the job for you. Just follow the steps discussed in this guide without changing anything and you should be good to go. Install a tankless toilet today and get rid of the traditional toilet.

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