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Hacking the Aviator at Pin Up casino

Aviator at Pin Up casino

Pin Up casino offers its users a rich library of gambling entertainment. The platform is suitable for fans of card games, slots, tables with real croupiers, arcade entertainment for money, slot machines 777 and much more. At the same time, the project follows global gambling trends and regularly adds popular games. Among them deserves special attention is the crash game Aviator. It is loved by many users due to its dynamic gameplay and big wins. For 2023 Aviator is very popular and regularly attracts new players.

What is Aviator at Pin Up casino

What is Aviator at Pin Up casino? Aviator is a type of crash game characterized by very simple arcade gameplay. A short period is allotted for preparation before the start of each round, during which users bet or abstain. Once the game starts, players need to collect their winnings before the plane leaves.

Depending on the duration of the flight, the multiplier increases, and consequently the winnings. You can find out the current multiplier on the tablet near the airplane, for example, x2 multiplies the bet 2 times. The maximum multiplier is 100, and the probability of it falling out is about 1%. Accordingly, the multiplier x2 falls out with a probability of 50%. If the player does not manage to pick up the winnings, he loses the amount of the bet.

The main difference between Aviator and other crash games is its intuitive design, simple controls, and the ability to watch other players’ bets. That said, some games of this type allow you to get up to x1000 in a single round, which significantly reduces the likelihood of the more usual multiplications. Aviator thus offers better balance, frequent wins, and the ability to communicate with other players, with rounds taking an average of a few minutes to complete.

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Is it possible to hack Aviator at Pin Up casino

In the public domain, you can find a lot of Aviator hacking schemes that require the installation of additional software. In reality, such programs are nothing, affecting the devices of gullible users. It is simply impossible to hack Aviator, as the outcome of each round is determined by random number generation. Simply put, the multiplication rate is not predetermined and is always different. Despite the lack of hacking, several recommendations increase the probability of winning.

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the size of your bet. You don’t need to expose yourself to a lot of risk, ideally, the size of one bet should be 5% of the total balance. Regularly skip rounds to reduce the probability of losing. The most common reason for losing is greed. Take your winnings in odds of 2-5, as they fall out quite often. Before starting a gaming session, it is recommended to determine the desired winnings and stop in time when it is reached.

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