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Complete Guide On How To Play Ludo Games On Ludo Supreme Gold

How To Play Ludo Games Official Image

Ludo is a classic board game that has been in existence for hundreds of years. It is typically played with multiple players on a square board that contains either 33 or 42 squares. This is a game that requires both strategy and luck to win. The goal of the game is to work your way to the king or queen by advancing your pieces around the board, capturing those of your opponent, as well as jointly owning the board with your pieces. The game of Ludo Supreme Gold requires players to employ their tactical prowess as they navigate the board to amass the greatest amount of treasure imaginable.

Play Ludo Supreme Gold

This is a free game in which you can win real money in the form of rupees instantly deposited into your Paytm Wallet by playing games. Participate in ludo competitions on a daily basis, and you can win free cash from Paytm. It is a straightforward board game that can be played either in person with other people or digitally with strangers to earn money while also having fun. If you want to be entertained, all you have to do is play the classic dice game from your childhood.

Ludo Supreme Gold rules

The following is a rundown of the fundamental guidelines for the game of Ludo Supreme Gold:

The game can be played with anywhere from two to six people, and each participant gets four tokens to use throughout the game. The winner of the game is the player who is the first to bring all four of his tokens “home” (to the centre of the board). The competition will continue until a winner has been determined for every position.

  • Once a player rolls a six, they are allowed to remove a token from its base and begin moving it, but only after the token has been stationary for six turns.
  • The person who rolled the six receives an additional chance to roll the dice after it has been rolled out.
  • The player’s turn in Ludo Supreme Gold will be skipped if they roll six 6 three times in succession during the game.
  • When a player’s token finishes the race and reaches the finish line, that player receives an additional chance to roll the dice.
  • When one player’s token successfully captures another player’s token, the player who successfully captured the token receives another roll on the dice.
  • There are a combined total of eight secure squares on the board, and they are denoted by various colours and stars.

To win the game, the tokens must leave the bases of all of the players and travel all around the board.

The Rules of the Points System and How to Play Them

  • Each Player has contributed to the total. 4 Tokens
  • In the beginning, each token will be found in its designated spot in the Initial Position. A user can begin shifting tokens after rolling the dice and determining their new positions.
  • The first player to sign up for the game would be allowed to make the initial roll of the dice.
  • After the game, the victor is the player who finished with the highest total score.

Regardless of whether one of the players achieves the highest rank, which results in the conclusion of the game, or even if the allotted amount of time for a game expires, the remaining players will each always get an equal number of chances to roll the dice because the game would be extended adequately. If this occurs, each Player who gets a turn as a result of such an extension should play within 15 seconds of the start of his turn; if they do not, that Player will skip his turn.

Therefore, if you want to turn to play Ludo Supreme Gold into a legitimate source of income for you and your family, the Supreme Gold variant is the version you need to become familiar with to have the best chance of success. Supreme Gold is a game that could provide several hours’ worth of amusement thanks to its rapid pace, difficult gameplay, and huge potential rewards.

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