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Choosing Wix to create your blog: good or bad idea?

Choosing Wix to create your blog Official Image

You like to write, you have plenty of article ideas, you dream of making a name for yourself in the blogosphere… in short, and you want to start a blog. But you hesitate between WordPress, very famous, and Wix, very attractive. Indeed, this turnkey CMS (Content management system) promises everyone to be able to easily design a website with a neat and efficient design. And for a blog? Is this interface as easy to use for an amateur blogger as it is efficient in SEO for a professional blogger? If, like us, you want to know if it’s a good idea to blogging on Wix. Read on!

Choosing Wix to create your blog, a good idea?

Wix is a very interesting tool for designing a website. Free access allows you to test templates, to try your hand at creation without financial commitment.

This CMS will suit you if you want to start an amateur blog and you have no notion of code. You’ll find great features, like adding members who can comment on posts and interact with your community, or the Wix Owners mobile app. This will allow you to write posts wherever you are.

The tool seems to meet most needs, but the promise of creating a professional blog without technical knowledge has its limits. To be effective, well-referenced, and generate organic traffic, you cannot avoid a few manipulations. It will be very difficult for you to touch, for example, the HTML code if necessary.

The advice that Wix offers to promote blogs does not dispense with good training in writing and SEO. This is also why he suggests connecting with SEO experts…

Finally, Wix offers bloggers fewer options than some competitors. To convince you of this, we invite you to a brief overview of the SEO functions of WordPress.

Do you start blogging to appear on the first page of the SERP? Do you want to become a professional blogger? Wix is definitely not the best solution for you.

Defining your objectives is essential before choosing a CMS to host your blog. Even though Wix is constantly evolving, it would be a shame to be limited for lack of access to certain features. And if you want to put the odds on your side, don’t hesitate to call on professional Wikipedia writers!

How to create a blog on Wix simply?
Follow the leader!

Quality designs and ease of use are the two great things about Wix. The platform offers many templates suitable for all kinds of sites and blogs, and guides you every step of the way. Once registered with your email address, you can manage multiple projects for free at least initially.

To start, you need to choose the type of website you want to build. Remember that a blog can be attached to a website or constitute a site in itself, for those who want to focus on a blogging activity.

In both cases, Wix offers you suitable templates. You can, from the beginning, add options: chat, reservations, forms, etc. Think carefully about the whole project before you start. You will save time by integrating all the useful features right away.

Then you have two options.

1. Design your site with Wix ADI

Wix ADI uses artificial intelligence to provide you with a personalized template by asking you just a few questions. If necessary, you can for example choose to use the color palette of your logo for the theme of your site.

This simple and quick solution will seduce the undecided. It’s up to you to see if the resulting design matches your personality and the message to convey to your readers. Be aware, however, that most of the parameters are modifiable.

2. Create a site with the editor

You can also choose from hundreds of templates created by designers. All are responsive, i.e., suitable for computers, smartphones and tablets. To guide you, each model is associated with a subject (coaching, catering, well-being, researcher, etc.).

The templates presented include by default the elements that you might forget when designing your blog: about, legal notices, privacy policy, terms of use… A contact form will avoid your email address appearing on the website.

The more creative can select a blank mockup, i.e., a page that is completely white or contains empty image and text blocks. It’s up to you to define the colors, the visuals, the font and the layout.
Unfortunately, for the blog part itself, the possibilities are rather limited. This is one of the limits of this CMS, compared to some competitors like WordPress.

An intuitive editor

Based on the WYSIWYG principle (what you see is what you get), Wix is easy to use and ergonomic. An intuitive menu allows structural adjustments: adding pages and articles, inserting text, images, buttons, changing the theme, additional applications… And you can of course attach your publications to a category, enter a date, an author, hypertext links, labels, etc.

To attach a visual, you can:

  • import images from your computer;
  • choose from a selection of royalty-free photos and videos made available by Wix;
  • explore a free (Unsplashed) or paid (Shutterstock) image bank;
  • use images from your social networks.

The editor also allows you to edit photos.
Creating a blog that looks like you with Wix will only take a few hours. Obviously, the design is not everything, and if you want to put the odds on your side, find out how to make a success of your blog.

A professional and well referenced blog on Wix, is it possible?

Wix has thought of everything to make your blog look good, functional, easy to design, and easy to use. If you already manage a showcase or e-commerce site on Wix and you want to add a blog to it to improve your visibility on Google, it will be quite easy. And you’ll be right, because there’s nothing like a blog to boost SEO, essential for any site creator. For a long time, Wix was criticized for being bad at natural referencing. The brand has tried to overcome this problem by developing certain features, and no longer hesitates to communicate about “powerful” tools.

Forget the free version for a professional blog

The free version does not allow you to acquire your own domain name, it is not recommended for good natural referencing. In addition, it includes a banner ad for the platform, which is not very professional.
Wix offers packages for around €12 per month including, among other things, the creation of a domain name, storage space, but also the hosting of your site.

Wix offers a toolbox to work on your SEO

In the SEO tools provided by the CMS, there is a list of actions to be taken to optimize fixed pages. This involves configuring the title and meta description of the home page, modifying the URL slug, inserting keywords into the content of your home page, indexing your pages, etc.

Wix takes you by the hand to improve your blog’s SEO. While it offers analytics data with traffic insights, it also recommends logging into Google’s Search Console.

Wix thus makes many suggestions in SEO and marketing. His ultimate advice? Hire a professional! The platform has not forgotten that SEO requires real expertise!

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Optimizing Wix Articles Has Its Limits

For your publications to benefit from good organic traffic, they must, among other things, be structured, well written and include keywords.

In many blogs created on Wix, we observe that the structure of the articles is often quite poor. The hen tags, in particular, are not well used. In its SEO guide, the interface indeed forgets to talk about the role of these tags in SEO.

Similarly, Wix can be blamed for the poor naming of images and videos. It is possible to add an optimized caption and alt attribute, but files imported into the platform cannot be appropriately named.
Difficult, under these conditions, to guide Google’s algorithms!

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