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Can Smartwatches Make Phone Calls?

Smartwatches Make Phone Calls Official Image

It’s nice to make your home smarter if you already have it. You can dress smart and upgrade the gadgets that you carry. Smartwatches are a simple addition to any lifestyle. They are stylish and functional as well.

Smartwatches can make calls if they have cellular or LTE/4G connectivity, a SIM card, or an eSIM. If you consider buying one, you should ensure that your smartwatch has a long battery life and good LTE/4G signal strength.

With its additional features and synchronization to your smartphone, a smartwatch will make your life easier and more productive. First, let’s clarify: how can a smartwatch make phone calls possible?
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Can a Smartwatch make phone calls?

Many people believe smartwatches only can make phone calls via phones. But that is false. With a SIM card, smartwatches can perform many of the same functions as phones. These sim-card-enabled smartwatches also have additional features.

Smartwatches that can connect to a mobile network can send and get messages, app notifications, and calls and can even make and receive calls. Smartwatches can use either a mini-SIM or a nano-SIM card.

The SIM card’s chip stores all the technical information your watch requires and helps you connect to the right network.
Many smartwatches today use an e-SIM (virtual SIM) instead of connecting. You don’t need to insert a sim card in your smartwatch with the virtual sim.

How do you know if your smartwatch can make phone calls?

Not all smartwatches can make phone calls. A smartwatch that supports cellular and LTE/4G connectivity is required.

Before purchasing a smartwatch that can be used as a phone, check the manufacturer’s product information. It must indicate whether the smartwatch supports cellular or LTE/4G connectivity.

Let’s look at two smartwatches that have phone connectivity.

1- Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comes in a variety of colors and faces. It is also very slim and lightweight. It has a fitness tracker and a heart rate monitor. You can also get live coaching sessions.

You can access Google apps, make calls, send messages, get notifications, and listen to music. Google Assistant can be used to find directions or ask for assistance.

2- Apple Watch Series 6

The model can make phone calls and has additional features such as a heart rate monitor and voice assistant. It can be used with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You can dial or use a touchscreen. You can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks while you’re on the move with this watch.

Smartwatches that make phone calls: What to Look for

You’re convinced that you need a smartwatch to make phone calls. You now find yourself stuck. It is not clear what type of product you should look for.

Fear not; here are some traits and qualities you can research to make your smartwatch successful.

  • Check that your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone.
  • Check your phone’s battery life rating. Most hybrid analog pieces have more powerful batteries but don’t have touch screens.
  • You should check whether the smartwatch has a good LTE rating. This is how quickly you can download music, videos, and websites. You will notice that both smartwatches in this section have great call quality due to LTE technology.
  • You should also consider whether the clasp or buckle of your watchband is easy to remove and replace, if necessary. It is also important to consider how easy it will be to find replacement bands for your watch.

How can you send and receive calls on a Smartwatch?

Although it may sound complicated, sending and receiving calls via your smartwatch is not rocket science. Here’s how to send or receive calls:

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Answering a phone call

The smartwatch will notify you if there is an incoming phone call. You have the option to either answer or reject the call.


  • To open the app listing, press the up button on the smartwatch.
  • Touch contacts and choose the contact that you wish to call.
  • To make the call, you can touch the call.
  • Press and hold the button on the watch to wake up the voice assistant
  • You can use your voice to tell your smartwatch which number to dial.
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