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Best Strategies To Write An Article Fast

Content marketing was always and will remain an effective marketing strategy. As you probably know, content is key when it comes to marketing your services or products, and articles are one of the most informative forms of content.

Best Strategies To Write An Article Fast

But the problem with articles is that it takes time to research and write them, especially if you have no writing experience or you simply hate writing.

So how we can speed up this process without sacrificing the quality?

In this blog post, we will cover the best ways to write an article quickly and effectively:

Take notes of the list of ideas

We as writers well know the scenario when writer’s block hits hard and we have 0 ideas on our minds. At the time of starting to write an article, we may not remember all the ideas that previously entered our minds, and it is probably because we didn’t take notes.

The good practice is to always have a notepad by our hand to immediately write the ideas that come to us during our casual days or research process.

Writing things down has a dramatic impact on how we remember things, even though we do not realize that right away. So always try to write down all the interesting ideas that come across your head either on your smartphone, laptop, or notepad.

Plan your headings

Creating an article may seem like a giant task, especially if you do not know the topic well, and you don’t know where to start.

Divide your article topic into separate headings, and even sub-headings if needed. Knowing the separate sections you have to fill in, will make this whole process clearer and less overwhelming.

If you struggle to come up with headings you can use the What/Why/How framework to answer the common questions that readers may have in mind about your topic.

Use AI Tools

If you are struggling with the article ideas, or how to present them nicely, you can use AI writing tools.

Although using AI writing tools is not a best practice to write entire articles, they can be great sources of ideas.

You can write a sentence or two as a prompt for AI software, and it will generate plenty of propositions that you could rewrite in your our words.

AI writing tools are also great for writing introductions or summaries, but it’s better, to write the body part by yourself.

Plan the Best Time for Writing

We human beings perform certain tasks best at certain times of the day. No matter how hard you hate writing, it might be the time in a day when you hate this task less.

Perhaps it is early morning when your brain is fresh and well-rested, or perhaps it is late in the evening when all the tasks are done and there’s no one to distract you.

Figure out the best time of the day for writing, and stick to it for the best productivity results.

Eliminate Distractions:

Nowadays we are all addicted to dopamine and distractions that cause it even if we don’t notice it. Writing is a low dopamine activity, and it is easy to get distracted and switch on higher dopamine activities that stimulate our brain more intensively.

Distractions are our enemy when it comes to any kind of work, and the first step to avoiding them is to recognize them.

When trying to focus on a certain task avoid:

  • Checking out phone
  • Scrolling on social media
  • Chatting
  • TV
  • Music
  • Games

Even the physical objects at your desk behind the computer can distract you a lot, so take time to eliminate them.

Writing generally requires a lot of focus and concentration, so make sure you prepare your environment well for this task.

Get Your First Draft Quickly:

Your draft document is a safe place to let your ideas and knowledge flow. There you don’t have to be perfect and you are allowed to be reckless and make mistakes.

Sit down, and start writing whatever comes to your mind, even though you feel that you make mistakes, don’t stop. Once you fully open your mind and allow a complete stream of ideas to flow, you may find it hard to stop writing.

We all know that feeling when we get back to something we have created after a while and we suddenly get plenty of thoughts to make our work better.

Same with writing. Every time you get back to the old article, you get new ideas on how to make it better.

So don’t overthink when writing your first draft, as you can later come back and improve your article with a clearer mind.

Use Writing Tools:

One of the best tools that is really helpful in article writing is Grammarly. This tool auto-corrects all grammar mistakes, so grammar becomes one less thing to worry about when writing an article.

If you are writing online, you can install a free Grammarly Chrome extension, or if you are writing offline, you can use it with Microsoft Word and other MS applications.

Another great writing tool is Quillbot. This tool allows you to paraphrase and rewrite the content into unique. It is particularly helpful if you want to borrow someone else’s ideas, but don’t want to plagiarize them by copy-pasting.

Quillbot allows you to automatically rewrite articles in 6 different styles, and hand-pick the synonyms that you would like to use to replace certain words or phrases.

To avoid plagiarism, use this tool in moderation.

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Final Words:

Although article writing is a challenging task for many content creators and entrepreneurs, it has to be done. Here we have covered the best practices for fast article writing, and if they don’t help you can try to meditate.

Meditating before writing is a good way to cleanse your mind from unnecessary thoughts that could distract you in the writing process.

But if the meditation does not help you either, we recommend hiring someone to write your articles. For that, you can check out this blog post about the best affordable article-writing services.

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