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AMD Vs. Intel CPU: Performance, Heating, Compatibility, and Price

AMD Vs. Intel CPU Official Image

When you are passionate about gaming, making the right choice for computer CPUs is crucial for all the right reasons. Many things like the performance of your games, refresh rates, and resolution depend on your computer hardware.

AMD and Intel are the two titans of gaming CPUs. And PC enthusiasts have always debated which one is a better choice. But picking the right machine is like choosing the mobile internet plan as users have their own unique requirements. Some would even be looking at Spectrum internet prices and get an upgraded plan for faster internet speeds before opting for the best hardware for gaming. You can check out the blog for a complete comparison.

Comparison of AMD and Intel CPUs

Both AMD and Intel are the frontrunners in the microprocessor race. Both companies roll out new generations of processors competing with each other every year. This competition keeps both companies on their feet which benefits the customers of both companies.

The following are the departments where AMD Ryzen and Intel processors are compared:


When it comes to performance in gaming alone, AMD Ryzen processors generally have the edge. But the Adler Lake series from Intel has actually changed things around. The Intel i9 12th generation is likely to face serious competition from the Zen 4 series by AMD.

Currently available CPUs from AMD and Intel are Ryzen9 5950X and 12900KS respectively. Both have their own strongholds in different departments. For example, Intel has smarter cores divided into 8P and 8E cores compared to the 16 cores of AMD. In contrast, the AMD Ryzen CPU has a 64MB cache that’s more than twice Intel’s 30MB cache. Both cache and the number of cores are crucial in CPU architecture and performance.

A department where Intel is clearly leading the way is the performance boost of the processor. The base clock performance of AMD is 3.4GHz whereas Intel has a 3.4P and 2.5E base clock. But the boost clock is a different story with AMD going to 4.9GHz and Intel at 5.5P and 4.0E.

Heat Generation

The reason why most gamers invest in PC coolers is the heat the CPUs create. Like most electrical equipment, CPU chips are powered by the electricity passing through them. A bi-product of the chip performance is the generated heat. This heat is often regarded as TDP (total design power).

When you compare the generated heat of both CPUs, Intel 12900Ks takes the temperatures much higher. The measured TDP of this processor is around 150w which is a lot. The heat dissipation and efficiency of the Intel CPU are not the highest in the market.

AMD Ryzen 5950X is a more efficient processor with 105w. It is significantly lesser than its Intel counterparts. 8 more threads on the processor significantly lower the generated heat. So, it is one department where Ryzen9 5950X takes a clear edge.


When it comes to the capability of the two CPUs, Intel 12900KS supports DDR5 SDRAM and PCIe gen 5 SSD storage. In comparison, the Ryzen 5950X only supports DDR4 SDRAM and PCIe gen 4 storage. In simple terms, the Intel 12th gen is more future-ready than the Ryzen processor.

But all things considered, it is important to note that the Zen 4 chips are excluded from the comparison. And the new Zen 4 chips are compatible with both of these technologies. So, it is a fair game and it evens AMD and Intel in this department. However, Intel 12900KS was the first to have these compatibilities.

Since the Zen 4 series is just coming out, it is only compatible with the DDR5 RAM technology. An advantage of going with the Intel 12900KS is that it is compatible with both generations, DDR5 and DDR4. The AMD Zen 4 chip’s limitation may be a shortcoming to some users in this department


The price of the CPU is a major concern when you are comparing the value for money because only Spectrum TV Packages and Prices are reasonable. Plus, gamers would want to start budgeting for their choice of chip. The Intel 12900KS is priced at $750. In contrast, the AMD Ryzen 5950X comes at $250 dollars less making it a more affordable choice. Even if you compare the recent AMD Ryzen 7950X is $50 dollars less than the Intel processor.

A general trend is that AMD CPUs are generally more budget-friendly than their Intel counterparts. Even the CPUs down the line are usually more expensive than Intel chips of the same category.

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All things considered, the Intel i9 12900KS is a better CPU. But as far as gaming is concerned, both companies are neck to neck in comparison. Weigh in other aspects like your budget regarding other hardware, performance stats, and other things to make the best decision.

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