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7 Scary Things That Happen When Your Computer’s Security Is Outdated

Computer's Security Is Outdated Official mage

Despite providing feature updates and fixing security issues, not a few users choose to turn off Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 Update allows users to download and install recommended updates automatically without going to the official Windows update website because it takes up quite a lot of mobile data—for computers connected to smartphone tethering.

Why People Don’t Update Their Security Software

Moreover, what makes Windows users furious is that they will be forced to restart the computer at inopportune times. These updates are used to fix code bugs and security issues or add functions or features not previously included in the software.

Turning off Windows 10 updates is usually done by going to the Settings menu on the computer. The first step is to open the Settings menu and select Update & Security. Then, hit Windows Update and hit Advance Options. In the Pause update section, select Select date to determine how long to turn off Windows 10 updates.

After completing these steps, Windows will be disabled for a set period of time. The maximum time specified is 35 days after taking these steps.

The advantage of turning off the automatic version update is that it reduces data storage capacity. This usually applies to computers with a Solid-State Drive or SSD storage system. This is because the SDD storage capacity is smaller than storage with a Harddisk Drive or HDD system.

In addition, what makes many Windows 10 users turn off automatic updates is the number of files that are not needed. This can be seen when completing the update and many files you don’t need to have.

Then the last advantage when turning off Windows 10 update mode on a computer is that there is no need to wait for the operating system update process. Because when the system asks to restart the computer when it wants to update the version, it will interfere with the productivity of its users. Therefore, many users use various ways to turn off the automatic update feature.

What Happens When Your Computer Software Is Not Updated

You need a software update, whether for a smartphone or a computer. There are many benefits of regular software updates. Any problems experienced frequently while operating your device will be resolved easily.

It’s just that people are usually lazy to update software. They feel comfortable with the current performance of the computer, then ignore the notifications that appear when you should update the software. Of course, this big mistake will result in bad consequences.

Lots of computer software will be updated, especially for the features. The way to update software is straightforward because you only need to follow the notifications that appear.

Each computer will work to remind users to update the system according to a predetermined schedule immediately. If you don’t have time to update immediately, you can select “remind me later” so that the software can be updated according to your free time.

Usually, updating computer software takes a few minutes and must be connected to the internet network. Likewise, when updating the system on Android, the device will restart so that the system returns like new.

Then what are the bad effects if you underestimate this software update? Of course, it has an impact on the performance of the device. The following are bad effects that should be addressed immediately:

1. The computer will run very slowly

Those who are used to fast performance will feel that the computer turns slow. This is not caused by full memory or low specs but because you did not update the software.

An updated system will work faster. The operating system gets several new features that make computer performance faster and smoother. So if you don’t want to work with a slow computer, you should update it immediately if a notification appears.

The computer that runs slow might also be infected by malware and virus due to the lack of protection. So, we highly advise you to update your security system and install good VPN protection when browsing. With it, you can change your Mac IP address to make it more safe. Since VPNs will mask your IP address, you can browse the internet more safely without worrying about data breaches, theft, or phishing.

2. Stored data is not safe

Maintenance, such as software updates, is needed for those who work using a laptop or PC in the office. If not, the impact will be dangerous for the data you have stored.

The reason is that updated software will have more sophisticated security features. Every time, a new version of malware must be countered with a new device security system. Therefore it is important to update to improve security.

3. Laptop battery will run out fast

Believe it or not, those who use rarely update their phone system will feel the battery runs out faster than before. The reason is that the system works so hard that it consumes a lot of power.

Unlike laptops, which regularly update their software, they get a lot of updates. The system can run lighter, so you won’t run out of battery power.

4. The computer will be damaged faster

The battery drains, and low performance will make the computer heat up faster. Machines are forced to work because the system heavy, makes the computer easily damaged.

This can also happen to your phone, which is often installed with various applications. If you use a lot of programs on your computer, the risk of damage will be even greater. For those of you who use computers, you should take good care of them. This system update is one of the maintenance steps that should not be missed.

5. Data Breach/Malware Infection

Due to the lack of protection, the risk that will come to you first is getting malware or virus infection. Without updating the security, you’re open to new viruses that might’ve been created recently. Hackers will find it easier to breach your data since there’s insufficient protection available.

6. Not Getting Bug Fixes

If you’re updating your OS, chances are you’ll also get the bug fixes. If you don’t update your system, you can miss the useful bix fixes that could improve your computing experience. Remember that the developers always put patches for bugs and other technical problems that many people suffer from.

7. Missing Out on New Features

And aside from better security, you also miss out on other useful features as well. Most of the time, Windows update always bring something new, especially ones that may enhance your productivity. The update will keep everything simple and accessible.

Software Update Benefits

Many people think their laptops or PCs can function properly, so they postpone regular software updates. Not infrequently, too many people click “remind me later” because they think the update process that is long enough can interfere with work productivity.

Software updates are so important because there are many benefits that you can get, such as:

1. Improve device security

Software updates are the easiest way to keep your device secure. Because each update contains an update that will fix the lack of software in the previous version, your desktop PC or laptop will get protection from all threats posed by malware and other viruses. Especially for businesses, software updates can close the gap for hackers to access important documents on your device.

2. Enjoy the latest features.

Using the latest version of the software ensures you can take advantage of all the latest features and functionalities. That’s why you must be diligent in regularly updating because the presence of a number of these features can improve the work experience to be faster and more efficient.

Of course, this is very suitable for business people and professional workers who are demanded to be fast-paced or to meet deadlines.

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3. Increase speed

Apart from being able to enjoy new features, at the same time, all obsolete features will be removed. All these updates will, in turn, make device performance faster.

Not only that, but with regular software updates, you guarantee that the system can complete all office work as it should because updating can fix bugs that interfere with user productivity in every activity.

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