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5 reasons to collaborate with a web editor specializing in cooking

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Whether you are a restaurateur, cook, or caterer, you have inevitably observed the evolution of communication on the theme of taste. Gastronomy and food trades in general are everywhere on the web and we no longer know which digital medium to devote to. But here you are, you are a cooking professional, not a culinary web editor.

You have created a website, but it vegetates. We goon’ be blunt, write content on the web don’t improvise. You will have everything to gain by approaching an expert in this field. We take stock of the essential reasons for collaborating with a web editor specializing in cooking.

1 – Boost your visibility on the Internet with a culinary web editor
Feeding a full-featured website

The ” good food ” is part of a tradition where the digital does not exist, but the way of exhibiting it has turned entirely towards it. The world of cooking is now huge and present in a wide variety of forms. By combining ghostwriting and cutting-edge cooking knowledge, your website can evolve into a very promising optimized tool.

To extol the merits of a gluten-free choux pastry, recommend a cauliflower with the chocolate sauce just made, create the event around a new decoration, or just occasional contacts with your customers, a web editor will suggest:

  • a beautiful homepage by putting forward what needs to be;
  • newsletters; _
  • regular site updates;
  • blog posts about cooking;
  • a real “about” page to talk about you, your story, and your passion;
  • recipe e-books.

Create regular content in a blog

The editor will certainly suggest that you expand your site by creating a blog. Its publications will be the showcase of your work, but also a source of information, and why not, a reference. In web writing, the field of possibilities is infinite. You may want to communicate about food hygiene, and the cold chain, take quizzes, or simply share recipes to pass on a culinary heritage. There is no secret, it’s like in everything, we are more assiduous and regular if we are dedicated to the task. Know that Google is also greedy. For him, a powered site is a living site.

Start a quality YouTube channel

We’re not going to lie to each other, the Internet can sometimes look like a big “catch-all”. Sunday cooks rub shoulders with professionals, with or without chef’s hats. It is not enough to stage Aunt Adélaïde’s gratin dauphinoise recipe on a YouTube page to attract Internet users. It’s always better to be accompanied and advised on the writing of this type of exercise. Everything counts the text, the decor, the subtitles, the lighting…

If your content is poor, you will miss your target. On the other hand, with the right ingredients, your recipe will be able to make the rounds on social networks. Whether you are committed to defending the excellence of French gastronomy or to opening its doors, you must keep in mind that your site: it is you. It should set you apart and highlight your expertise.

2 – Entrust writing and strategy to a gastronomy expert

SEO (The what? Search Engine Optimization!) is a barbaric acronym for natural referencing. Google’s ways are inscrutable, but your food writer knows the ins and outs. The algorithms of the most famous search engine in the world analyze and sort out the sites that best meet their requirements. The Grail is obviously a place on the first search page of Internet users. You can promise the best blanquette in the world on your homepage, if the latter is not optimized, it will be useless. It is a whole set of techniques that enhances a site:

  • a content audit established according to the rules of the art;
  • an SEO audit established according to the same rules;
  • careful and coherent architecture;
  • a good choice of words when writing texts;
  • a rich editorial schedule.

Your job calls on an impalpable sense on a screen: taste. Through writing, it will be a question of devitalizing flavors. Choosing the right words is like trying out a gourmet recipe. We weigh, we add, and we take away. It has to rest, then we come back to it. You can even throw everything away to start from scratch!

3 – Hire a web writing specialist in the kitchen: saving time and money

In the restaurant business, as we know, everything has to go fast. Between the midday shot and the management of moments of rest, there is no time to explain what a “missing mold” is to a novice. You will therefore appreciate collaborating with a specialized writer who suits you and who knows your professional jargon. And since ” time is money”, you will be happy to save money. While your competitors will continue to pay for online advertising for their restaurants, your copywriter will give you all the advice you need to avoid it.

4 – Rely on the analysis of an SEO technician with adequate tools

You may have access to the Google Search Console. The only problem is that other than understanding that your site has been struggling for years — or even never took off — you’re unable to do any in-depth analysis. Numbers and graphs give you a headache. Good news, this is the area of expertise of the culinary web editor. Having the right tools is good, but making good diagnoses is essential for implementing a digital strategy. This valuable step allows you to establish an editorial schedule, and therefore to make the right choice of articles.

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5 – Surf on the growing interest in cooking with your web editor

An eloquent figure: in December 2021, more than 40 million French people consulted an application or a site related to cooking. Impressive, right? The great chefs known only to the profession a few years ago have become stars of the small screen, transforming all the kitchens of France into a laboratory of culinary experience. Each recipe submitted by a chef is accessible on a website.

Interest in cooking is exponential. Sites, applications, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts… each medium is full of more or less well-crafted, more or less well-written, organized, structured, and imagined content. It is thanks to the know-how of culinary web editors that the best makes their mark in the infinite world of the Internet.

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