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12 ingenious ways to use business cards

business cards Official Image

It has been practically proven that most business cards end up in the trash. To make them really count, you should explore 12 ingenious ways to use a business card. You can use the business card in more creative ways than one.
Just think about how many business cards the average professional hands on a monthly or yearly basis – you’ve got to give the receivers a good reason to remember you!

Your first impression is your last impression.

Your business cards don’t have to be boring. In this blog post, we will go through the 12 creative and inventive ways for you to use your business cards. Read till the end to find out the value proposition for your clients, peers, and customers to contact you again.

1️⃣ Event Ticket business card

Event Ticket business card Official Image

The event ticket is quite popular and brings the possibility to attract customer attention. Event ticket business cards can be used in various possible ways such as Athletic events, schools, promotions, clubs, etc. To make an Event Ticket business card you need to add specific information. Let us customize this item by adding a layer of customization, letting a customer provide a predetermined set of notable ticket details such as the date of the event or the time of the event, or maybe the seat number of people or ticket number. That’s how you can use the creativity of business cards to solve different problems.

2️⃣ Grand Raffle business cards and slips

business cards and slips Official Image

Raffles are many of the most typically used marketing tools for events and tradeshows. It allows people either with or without certain qualifications to submit their business card or a name usually along with contact information on business cards into a raffle that will be held later at an event. It is important to have well-designed entry slips or forms so that people understand what they are entering a draw for, what message they need to provide you with to be qualified, and what the relevant restrictions, regulations, and procedures of the contest are.

Raffle slip business cards are ideally a great marketing tool which can be implemented at a low budget.

3️⃣ Loyalty business cards

Loyalty business cards Official Image

Loyalty programs are available in almost every industry as it can help customers to come back in the future. Loyalty business cards are unique marketing tactics to retain potential customers and groom your business. You can offer different levels of perks for your existing and prospective clients. It can bring exceptionally strong loyalty if the customer sees the benefits of being of value, or if they guess your product is good enough to come back due to better customer experience or quality. Encourage your customers to return again and again with a loyalty proposal that offers them to be awarded by you or your company or brand.

4️⃣ Surveys business cards

Surveys business cards

Researchers claim that frequently conducting surveys can increase the probability of conversion of sales leads. A short survey is helpful specially to know the psychological behavior of your customers. Survey Business cards provide an extraordinary canvas for exemplifying a few short answers or multiple-choice survey questions to know the true interest of the customers.

5️⃣ Infographic business cards

Infographic business cards

Extra special Information can only be shared with super Infographic business cards. Assume a person may be in a hurry or unable to speak with you at a convention conference or trade show. Now with the addition of Infographic business cards, they can effortlessly submit requests for follow-up messages or demonstrations using this super convenient proposal for information.

By simply inquiring for some basic contact information and giving a multiple-choice format for customers to explain what they want to receive information about in the future, then it is recommended to use infographic business cards.

In many situations, a customer may want to be either contacted immediately or sometime in the future or be added to a contact list for a certain product or service you offer. So, you can use Infographic business cards in your weekly blog email list.

6️⃣ Price tags business cards

Price tags business cards

Actually, price tags business cards focus on customization options of your logo and location details. To create, drill a hole towards the left or right side of the card so you can hold it next to your product. The market of the price tags business cards is still emerging and evolving.

7️⃣ Nameplate business cards

Nameplate business cards

Nameplate business cards allow you to insert a card with your desired information on it, through a tiny space on the side. Several clear name tag pins take business card-sized slips of paper to insert the name information. Many businesses make nearly blank business cards with their personalized logo and a frame as a way of assuring all the labels going in nameplates have a uniform design.

8️⃣ Reminder business cards

Reminder business cards

Have you ever scheduled an appointment with a doctor, dentist, or therapist person? You have probably completed one of these before. Sometimes Reminder cards are really handy for giving to customers as a way of reminding them of their next scheduled appointment.

It is really useful for patients. Because they can then conveniently spot their appointment reminders in their wallets, so they won’t miss them for their planned visit.

To make the best reminder cards, simply include the name of the doctor/dentist/therapist with the address and two blank spots for you to put down the date and time. Now you need to give your patients or customers a convenient signal of their next appointment and assure they won’t miss it again.

9️⃣ Bookmark business cards

Bookmark business cards

Here is one important aspect of designing most business card-sized pieces of paper are the accurate size for use as a bookmark. In this case, the design can be anything you expect. Whether you take up this space as advertising space to stimulate your business or recall customers of your offerings. Bookmark business cards are the perfect business card that you can either pre-insert into materials for your customers or hand out individually as a freebie.

1️⃣ 0️⃣ Referral business cards

Referral business cards Official Image

Referral cards are comparable to customer loyalty programs, as they provide a specific deal for anyone that refers a friend, family, or someone other than themselves to use your product or service. For example, you could offer an existing customer a special deal if they refer a friend and that friend has brought their first purchase as a result.

Referral programs like these are highly beneficial because they ensure that people talk about your product or service with different communities, friends, and families. Remember to refer a friend, that person also has to have a certain level of information about your business to be able to pitch it satisfactorily to their friend circles. Make sure the visual branding of the referral card is clearly visible to make sure you have a great look and an on-brand referral card to put on to customers so that they make purchases.

1️⃣ 1️⃣ Sales Coupons business cards

Sales Coupons business cards Official Image

Our ultimate efficient adaptation of the business card format is a coupon. While coupons are normally thought of as those super thin ones you get in supermarkets or in the post. Yes, it is possible to make use of high-quality coupons and business cards to increase the sales opportunities in your business.

When you have the sales coupons business cards and give them to customers or post them, then it is your sales tool to bring back customers on black Friday, who feel the need to return sooner to make use of their coupon before it expires.

You can use different types of tools to ensure that your coupons are unique and that none of them are used more than once.

1️⃣ 2️⃣ Valet Parking business cards

Valet Parking business cards

If your company or business regularly hosts large-scale events during which the event staff donates car valet parking or offer coat check services, it might seem hard to justify your branding or messaging on normal business cards. Instead, order a small set of valet business cards with the necessary fields available and visual branding that enhances the visitor’s experience of your event.

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Our verdicts

I hope you have enjoyed the 12 ingenious ways to use business cards. We have tried to put unique ways to utilize business cards in new formats. Just use your creativity and you will be ready to achieve some good results with the desired impact. ShareEcard always helps businesses and individuals to get the best digital business cards. We are the leading Digital business card company that supports eco-friendly cards to make the future more sustainable.

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