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10-Step Guide To The Ultimate Motion Graphics Process

Ultimate Motion Graphics Process Official Image

Motion graphics can be as fun as creating something new. But these can be perplexing as well. You can execute motion graphics in any way you want. The technique does not restrict you to any boundaries at all.

If you are a beginner, you might have seen the supreme perks of motion graphics. Well, there is no doubt about their benefits for a business. The problem arises when it comes to the entire process.

A large number of beginners have stepped back from the scary process. There is no need to be from the quitters. This guide will take you to the 10 steps of motion graphics. The pipeline you must follow to create a mind-blowing motion graphics project each time.

Before you transit to the exclusive process, let’s learn about some key aspects of motion graphics.

What is the Purpose of Motion Graphics?

The purpose of motion graphics is much more volatile. You will witness their implementation in digital marketing the most. Some brands use explainer motion graphics for bifurcating a technical procedure. It helps the audience for easy contemplation.

Promotional motion graphics are for eliciting the audience for a certain call to action. So that you can use motion graphics to increase your conversion rate. Emotional motion graphics are for eliciting the emotions of the audience. It helps you develop a stronger bond with them also.

Below is the detail of the different purposes of Motion Graphics.

  1. Deeper Communication: The sole purpose of motion graphics is to conversate deeply with your target audience. It is a great way to enhance your brand’s message and story as well. Motion graphics amplify the collateral impact of your brand’s story to invite them for a particular CTA.
  2. Better Explanation: You can execute motion graphics for changing a confusing process into a simpler one. It opens the door to shaping a flawless bond with your audience. It also carves out an improved type of marketing.
  3. Persuasive Tone: One of the sole purposes of motion graphics is to add a persuasive tone to your marketing. It includes alluring music, moving elements, and text in a video simultaneously. Each of the elements in a motion graphics video performs its job to successfully entice a person on all counts.

Purpose of Motion Graphics Official Image

10-Step Guide to the Ultimate Motion Graphics Process

Once you get completely habitual of the purpose of a motion graphics video, it will clear all the hurdles in your way. These purposes are an irrevocable facet of every motion graphics video. Make sure your projects speak out your motive according to the core pipeline of this technique.

As described earlier, you are not limited to this process at all. Motion graphics are among the most flexible techniques of marketing. But it is beneficial to learn bout the basics and bring them into practice as well. Then you can go from beginner to advance level projects as time passes.

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Here are the 10 steps that you were waiting for!

1. Do your Observation: If you are a beginner or an associate of a motion graphics company, you have to be highly observant before initiating the process. Do your research. The research should include your target audience, your brand’s purpose, and your goals.

Besides, for an irresistible motion graphics video, it is important to add humor to it. Do not forget to add humor relevant to the search intent of the audience.

2. Analyze your Brand: Brand analysis is for developing a mood board. You take inspiration from other creators and save them up on a mood board. A solid brand analysis gives you insights into crafting a persuading story with motion graphics.

Always remember that your audience needs a story. A story that it could relate to. Something that will leave an inexpungible impression on their minds. So in your case, motion graphics is the best possible way to do that.

3. Develop the Copy: You can call it the “script” phase of your motion graphics video as well. Now, the importance of copywriting in your brand’s motion graphics video is salient. Remember a thousand words of a text cannot promise to entice thousands of people toward your brand.

But a compelling piece of copy can do this job. A copy that presses on the throbbing vein of the audience. Offers the solution to their pain points. Also, invites them for a substantial CTA for their own good.

4. Conceptualize Treatment: A treatment gives you an idea of evident visualization of your findings. A treatment in motion graphics performs in two important ways. Firstly it depicts the ideas in visible formation. Secondly, it determines the timing of each frame in the video. It sheds light on the smooth transitions between consecutive shots as well.

Consider a treatment like an initial plan during the process of motion graphics. It sets a viable direction for you to follow. Give a good concept to your treatment. Make sure to “treat” your motion graphics project in a remarkable way so far.

5. Give Voice to Project: It’s time for an impressive voiceover! Different companies that offer such services would approach voiceover artists. They would decipher the befitting tone for each project of their client’s.
Keep in mind that if you are a beginner, you should not go for a voiceover feature for your projects. Instead, music and sound effects will replace the voiceover aspect for you.

6. Craft a Storyboard: A storyboard has all of your sketches in one place. It is that point in this process where you start to illustrate. A storyboard can store up as many sketches as you want. You can discuss a single storyboard with your clients and teammates if you are a service provider authority.

If you do not craft storyboards for your project, you will lose out on other stages of the process eventually. Since the further stages directly depend on a high-quality storyboard. Make sure to rectify all the problems at this point.

7. Start Animating: The extent of animation varies from one project to the other. Some projects require complex animation on whole. It is important to create relevancy between the animation and your ideas. Your storyboard will help you out with this.

Animation is a cohesive skill on all counts. You must relate the next frame with the previous one during this animation stage of the process.

8. Add Music: You cannot afford your motion graphics project to go “silent” for your audience. Instead, an ideal motion graphics video has music, text, and visuals together. There are different ways to add a particular sort of music to your projects.

Make sure the music and sound design are in correspondence with the concept and theme of your project. If the message is subtle, don’t include the electronic genre in your video at all.

9. Refine your Project: It is the second last step of the ultimate motion graphics process. You have to check every corner of your project that might be lacking some enhancement. Color grading should be on point. Besides, the timing, sound effects, and overall impact should be exactly what you wanted in the beginning.

Project refinement is the art to master. You can even take a week to rectify your projects on average. Filter it out through tests and trials. Preview it before the final step as well.

10. Share with the World: There you have it! A splendid motion graphics project is ready in just 10 steps. Now the last step is to share your narrative with the world. You can use social media for it to a great extent. You can cold pitch different studios to land some potential clients as well.

Now you see, it is so much easier to create and earn from a jaw-dropping motion graphics video. It is the main reason behind the extraordinary impression created by such videos on the audience. It ultimately generates leads for the brands. That not only balances the cash flow but can prove to be a huge asset for return on investment ROI too.

Share with the World Official Image

In a Nutshell

Motion graphics can be your next lucrative career if you consider it. It can fluctuate on multiple factors. For instance, What is your budget? What types of software you are using to craft your projects? How much money you are spending on your personal promotion? It is better to answer all of these questions for once before hopping onto the project itself.

You are now much more familiar with the suitable outline for your motion graphics projects. Follow the steps and instructions given as details. The steps will be staggering for you at the start. But it just takes your devotion each day. You will see that with time and practice, you have become a professional motion graphics expert.

If you are a geek and want to learn more about motion graphics and relevant domains, give BuzzFlick, a video animation company a shot. You will find them useful for quality video production services. Check out their website for 3D animation, motion graphics videos, video ads, and other services as well.

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